Inspired by success driven by radical innovation

“Northern Light is special. When folks find it, they love it. But they have to find it and that’s hard. It’s a niche that no one else is in but lots of people say they are. They aren’t. It’s ASP, search, portal, market research, and syndicated research management all in one.” –Client Research Manager and SinglePoint Client
Northern Light has been providing strategic research portals, business research content, and search technology to global enterprises since 1996. We are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and we have just over 50 employees. The company is employee-owned and operated, profitable, and self-funded. Every Northern Light employee shares one common characteristic – a compulsive drive to provide the very best client support possible. We are also quite proud of our perfect on-time delivery record on new client portal projects; we have never once been late or over budget on a client project. About our name Our name was inspired by the clipper ship Northern Light. Built in Boston in 1851, her design was radically innovative, being sharply raked below the waterline. The radical design of the Northern Light created a great deal of buzz in homes, taverns, and at social gatherings all along the East Coast. The new design of the Northern Light proved to be a great success. When it came to speed, the clipper ships were in a class by themselves, and in this class of champions, the Northern Light was the fastest of them all.  She set a speed record for the voyage from San Francisco to the East Coast – a record which stood until the 1990s when it was “beaten” by a high-tech catamaran sailed with the aide of modern satellite navigation. The Northern Light. Built in Boston. A radical new design. The best in its class. May we be as successful.