The cream of the Fortune 100

Our client list reads like a “who’s who” of the Fortune 100 in industry and technology. We serve the market intelligence needs of the largest, most research-driven, most demanding and sophisticated companies in the world.
“I’ll say this: If a company is not yet serious about getting the value out of their information, they’re not ready for SinglePoint. But if they are ready, they’re not going to find what SinglePoint has anywhere else. There is no head-on competition.” – Corporate Marketing Director and SinglePoint Client
Northern Light SinglePoint clients are leaders in global, technology and innovation-driven industries. They are literally inventing the future we are all going to live in. And they are using their Northern Light SinglePoint portals to guide their corporate strategies and product marketing decisions.
  • Hewlett-Packard – Largest computer equipment manufacturer (see downloable Forrester case study)
  • Verizon – Largest U.S. telephone system operator (see downloadable Forrester case study)
  • Largest enterprise technology services provider
  • Multiple leading research-driven global pharmaceutical companies
  • Largest commercial bank
  • Leading property and casualty insurance supplier
  • Leading provider of payment solutions and services for banks
  • Largest mobile handset manufacturer
  • Largest enterprise smartphone and mobile email provider
  • Largest overnight package delivery company
  • Largest office supply retail chain
  • Leading agricultural equipment manufacturer
  • Largest security software developer
  • Largest CAD/CAM solutions provider
  • Largest market research provider
  • Leading strategic management consulting firm
  • Largest wireless communication network operator
  • Leading European telephone network operator