Discovery Portals for Life Sciences Conference Abstracts

Search hundreds of thousands of abstracts and posters delivered at life sciences industry events

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Life sciences is an innovation-driven industry, and research is the catalyst for innovation. That’s why Northern Light is making it easy and affordable for life sciences companies to offer their employees a convenient place to find valuable competitive industry information – especially conference abstracts and posters but also news, blogs, journal articles, clinical trials and patents. Northern Light’s Discovery Portal for Life Sciences provides a treasure trove of life sciences research information, including abstracts of conference presentations and posters often given several years before that information is published in industry or academic journals. With Discovery, your researchers can search a full-text index of abstracts and posters from more than 750,000 research papers delivered at 1,000 life sciences industry events over the past three years with new conferences added as the abstracts are posted. All of the abstracts and posters are linked from the search results, so users can see the material on the website of the conference organizer and go right to the page the abstract  is on – even inside a hundred-page PDF. Along with conference abstracts, Discovery gives your researchers single-search access to a wide range of content that can inform product development, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, and more. Using Northern Light’s MI Analyst™ text analytics engine, Discovery “reads” all the documents returned on a results list, identifies the concepts mentioned and directs a researcher to the most interesting documents – not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective.  Northern Light’s Discovery portal accelerates the “time to insight” and “time to innovation” for a researcher – and time is money.