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In the Media: Outsell Reviews Northern Light Mobile News Apps

In a world swamped by free news sources, an industry-specific news app, customizable according to defined categories, stands out.

Important Details

The field for cloud-based news aggregation apps for company, product, and industry information is full of choices: from established players like NYT Now and The Guardian or web stalwarts like Google and Yahoo!, to more recent entrants like Owler and Circa. Especially in the technology space, a multitude of free and subscription-based options offer either proprietary content or analysis such as TechCrunch, re/code, and Pando Daily, or aggregated links to content from the open web. Northern Light, a provider of research portals of aggregated content to the enterprise, decided to enter the fray with a unique offering.

Instead of a firehose of news, Northern Light opted for a focused, industry-specific approach.


Northern Light Launches Free Mobile Apps for Industry-Optimized Business News

BOSTON, MA, Mar. 23, 2015 – Northern Light® ( today launched free mobile apps for popular smartphones, featuring industry-optimized business news feeds aggregated from 30,000 business and technology stories a day from 5,700 web business and technology news sources, including industry trade journals, newspapers, and industry authority blogs. The first industry-specific edition of Northern Light Mobile News™ focuses on information technology (IT); pharmaceutical, financial services, healthcare, agribusiness, and energy editions will follow.  

In the Media: FreePint Q&A with Northern Light CEO David Seuss – “Embracing the World of Web News”

[Excerpt] FreePint: What is your focus when adding content to your [research portal] services? David Seuss: We aim, if possible, to take specifically the business and tech part of the publication, not the general or crime news or the obituaries. We have around 5,700 business-focused sources, with content updated every 15 minutes. Even more importantly, we emphasise vertical industry news sites. These are the repositories of deep industry expertise and the timeliness, analysis, and commentary in news articles on these sites beats everyone else. We are deliberately very focused. We have competitors who play the source count game, saying they have hundreds of thousands of sources. We don’t do it that way; having a lot does not necessarily help the user. The way you run up the source count is by adding low quality sources, sources that mostly republish content, and sources that are not about business and technology. Find the entire FreePint article at

Northern Light Launches Target CI, a Research Portal for Competitive Intelligence Professionals

BOSTON, MA, Oct. 7, 2014 – Northern Light® ( today launched Target CI™, a research portal optimized for competitive intelligence (CI) professionals that offers integrated search of thousands of business news sources and social media feeds critical to CI research and analysis, and the ability to synthesize and share it with a CI group’s internal clients. Target CI is designed for competitive intelligence professionals who are under constant demand for information that is current, compelling, and useful.  The solution combines Northern Light Business News™ and social media monitoring with Northern Light’s business-driven search engine, advanced text analytics, and collaboration in a solution priced for competitive intelligence departments.  

Northern Light Shows Its Heart

Boston-based strategic research portal provider engages in charitable giving to address select needs BOSTON, June 23, 2014 – Northern Light may not be the biggest company in the world, but its clients are. The 50-person Boston-based company counts among its customers some of the world’s largest research-driven corporations, for whom Northern Light provides strategic research portals that its clients use to guide their corporate strategies and technology development activities.  

Northern Light Business News Adds U.S. Federal Reserve Board News Collection

BOSTON, May 13, 2014 – Northern Light ( today introduced U.S. Federal Reserve Board News, a unique research content collection containing thousands of documents from three dozen Fed sources. Northern Light’s new content set provides organizations with critical intelligence about a wide spectrum of banking, finance, economic, regulatory and compliance issues that affect the operations of virtually every company doing business in the U.S. in every industry.  

Northern Light Business News Adds 800 Global News Sources Formerly Available in NTIS’s Discontinued “World News Connection”

BOSTON, Mar. 11, 2014 – Northern Light ( today announced it has added to Northern Light Business News™ the 800 global news sources formerly available in the National Technical Information Service’s (NTIS) recently discontinued World News Connection service. This brings to 5,800 the total number of content sources aggregated within Northern Light Business News, an enterprise-class service that offers comprehensive search of online business news, newswires, and industry authority blogs, augmented by text analytics optimized for strategic business analysis.  

Wolters Kluwer Health to Distribute Northern Light’s Life Sciences Conference Abstracts Collection

New York, NY (March 3, 2014) —Wolters Kluwer Health is pleased to announce a partnership with Northern Light to distribute the Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts collection through its OvidSP medical research platform reaching thousands of institutional subscribers worldwide.  

Northern Light Releases the Global Risk Index to Mark the World Economic Forum Davos Annual Meeting

BOSTON, MA, Jan. 27, 2014 – Northern Light® marked the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, concluded this weekend in Davos, Switzerland, with the release of the Northern Light’s Global Risk Index (GRI).  This index, based on an analysis of WEF’s 50 global risk categories, shows that overall the world is getting less risky, at least for now.  

Northern Light Launches Research Portal to Track IT Analysts’ Opinions through their Social Media Postings

BOSTON, Dec. 11, 2013 – Northern Light® ( today launched Listen from Northern Light, a research portal that offers a single point of access to 1.5 million social media posts from over 2,000 analysts at more than 200 information technology (IT) industry research firms such as Forrester and IDC. By incorporating analysts’ blogs and tweets into a single portal, Northern Light enables IT analyst relations professionals, competitive intelligence professionals, product managers, and marketing communications managers to research and track IT analysts’ coverage of companies, technologies, and industry developments through social media, where the coverage first appears.  

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