Benefits of Deploying a Strategic Research Portal

The benefits of deploying a SinglePoint Strategic Research Portal include:
  • Opportunity to find and then publish market research, competitive intelligence, and customer insights to large audiences in an efficient and highly usable solution.
  • Ability to make primary research reports easily findable and shareable.
  • Higher-impact research efforts enabled by delivering truly comprehensive searches across all sources every time.  Research efforts will be better informed, with options better analyzed, and recommendations supported more forcefully.
  • Increased utilization of licensed content, so that the subscription dollars spent have far more impact on the business.
  • Opportunity to create a “self-service” environment for performing research by distributing access to the SinglePoint Strategic Research Portal enterprise-wide.  This provides relief for the research staff of routine, first-level requests, freeing the research staff for higher-value activities.
  • Provision of a truly high quality market research alternative for business research than public Web search engines for employees outside of the research and information center staff.
  • Reduction in time wasted on off-target reports and articles, and increase in time spent finding research content that will be particularly useful for the business purpose of the search by using integrated analysis options such as automated meaning extraction, text analytics, and sentiment scoring.
  • Ability to set and enforce access rights at the document level to individual users and user groups.
  • Significant dollar savings from many sources that typically pays for the portal ten to twenty times over.