API and SharePoint Web Parts

The API and Web Parts option facilitates the embedding of SinglePoint enterprise portal content and search facilities throughout your company intranet. This capability is especially useful for embedding market research and competitive intelligence content specific to your brand groups, product teams, functional departments, and geographic divisions in those organizations’ intranet sites.  Clients who use the API and Web Parts option extensively have more than doubled the usage of the content in their SinglePoint portals. 

In addition to embedding content in the client’s intranet, the API and Web Parts option facilitates searching of the SinglePoint portal content from intranet sites, displaying information from the SinglePoint portal in the intranet (e.g., bookmarked for me, most popular reports, most popular bookmarks, most popular searches,etc.).

The API can be used for any intranet platform, such as IBM WebSphere and Microsoft SharePoint.  The Web Parts collection is designed exclusively for Microsoft SharePoint installations.