One Search of All of Your Research Content

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SinglePoint automates the aggregation and incorporation of any content repository. We can aggregate content in any format, on any computer or network, in the possession of any organization anywhere in the world into an integrated search database with all content from all sources indexed and relevance ranked to a single consistent standard.  See Content (also accessible from the main menu bar) for a discussion of all of the content options available for SinglePoint. 

A typical SinglePoint Strategic Research Portal contains one or more repositories of internal primary research, dozens of licensed external secondary research sources, business news, government databases, and content from custom Web crawls.

SinglePoint facilitates searching such a vast, broadly-sourced repository of high-quality research in a single user session, with one search query, one login, mastering only one user interface, and with one integrated, consistently-ranked set of search results from every content provider.

Northern Light is technically integrated with over 100 market research analyst firms and technical research publishers as part of the SinglePoint solution. As these research firms publish content to their own repositories, they simultaneously publish it to ours so we can index the full text for our clients. This is not “federated search,” which produces a low-quality user experience; it is “integrated search,” being produced by indexing the original full-text of the each document from every source.