MI Analyst for Meaning Extraction

MI Analyst is Northern Light’s unique text analytics and meaning extraction application that runs within SinglePoint portals and is optimized for business research applications.  With MI Analyst, the search engine “reads” all the research reports and articles returned on a results list, identifies the concepts and issues that they report on, and directs the you, the researcher, to the most interesting documents – not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective. For example, with MI Analyst the market researcher could conduct a search on one of your product lines and have the search engine zero in on the reports that describe threats to your market share or pricing strategy.  Or the researcher might run a search and have the application tell them who the innovative new companies are that might emerge as threats or acquisition opportunities in the future. MI Analyst combines the power of Northern Light’s best-in-class free-text searching and industry-leading best practices research portal platform with advanced text analytics developed specifically for business research.  MI Analyst features these capabilities:

Entity Extraction for Research-Critical Concepts

  • Business Concepts: Corporate Strategy, Product Marketing Strategy, Companies, Venture Funded Companies, Government Agencies, Global Markets, Industries, Job Titles, Strategy Scenarios
  • IT/Telecom Concepts: IT /Telecom Technologies,  IT/Telecom Markets
  • Pharmaceutical Concepts: Drugs, Diseases, Medical Devices, Clinical Trials & Phases, Proteins, Enzymes, Genes, Cells, Diagnosis & Therapeutic Techniques , Human anatomy, Therapeutic Areas, Strategy Scenarios for Life Sciences Companies, Life Sciences Research Scenarios, Sources
  • Agribusiness and Chemical Industy Concepts: Agribusiness Economics, Farms and Farming, Food and Human Nutrition, Agricultural Equipment, Seeds, Agricultural Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals,

Relationship Identification Between Concepts

  • MI Analyst discovers relationships between companies, technologies, markets, and business issues discussed in search results documents.  For example, what IT technologies are on a company’s product roadmap, which diseases are related to a disease of interest, or what emerging markets is a pharmaceutical company targeting?

Meaning Extraction

  • MI Analyst identifies business and research issues contained in the documents on the search results.  For example, the search engine can reveal the strategy that a company is following in a specific market segment.
  • MI Analyst suggests the threats and opportunities regarding products, market share, pricing, new technologies, marketing partnerships, and business strategy.