Northern Light Doubles Number of News Sources and Industry Authority Blogs in its Business News Service

Content set now features 6,000 sources with 10 million articles that can be analyzed automatically to identify critical business issues in results list documents

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Oct. 29, 2008 – Northern Light ( today announced that it has dramatically expanded the number of online business news and industry authority blogs in its Business News service, available as part of many Northern Light research products. Northern Light has doubled the available content sources, bringing the total to 6,000, including business news services, leading business publications, premium newswires and editorially-selected industry authority blogs.

Northern Light Business News is available as part of SinglePointâ„¢, Northern Light’s enterprise-scale, hosted market research portals; in Analyst Direct, Northern Light’s subscription-based search engine for information technology (IT) analyst research; and in stand-alone Northern Light Business News Portals, available for use on corporate intranets. In addition, a consumer version containing a significant portion of the content can be seen at Northern Light Search (, the company’s free search engine of business news.

Northern Light Business News provides researchers with instant access to over 10 million business and industry news articles and blog postings. The index is updated continually with approximately 22,000 news articles and 4,000 industry authority blog posts each day.

Users of Northern Light’s research offerings also can apply Northern Light’s proprietary automated meaning extraction capabilities to the news content. In the context of business-centric search, meaning extraction determines what information is contained in the documents on a search results list, such as companies, markets and technologies; suggests what business issues the documents address; assesses the tone of the documents; and directs the researcher to the documents that are most interesting based on their meaning rather than on their statistically-derived search relevance.

“Over the past two years, there has been a sea change in the availability of high quality information from vertical industry and business news websites,” C. David Seuss, Northern Light’s CEO, said. “Web sources have always been timely, but now more and more business-focused sites are using the techniques and philosophies of the blogging phenomena to move away from just reprinting press releases to providing commentary, analysis, and perspective. As a result, the role of this Web-based content in competitive intelligence, market research, reputation management, and product management has expanded dramatically.

“Across the board, we are finding that our strategic research portal clients need business research incorporating the deep industry expertise that can be found in news from industry websites,” Seuss continued. “With this new release of Northern Light Business News, we have greatly enhanced the business research content that our corporate clients can bring to bear on the important issues facing their companies in today’s hyper-competitive environment.”

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About Northern Light SinglePoint Strategic Research Portals
SinglePoint is the only turnkey enterprise search application that provides centralized search, analysis, and access for diverse sources of internal, external, and licensed market intelligence. Offered in a secure, hosted, user self-service portal environment, SinglePoint is customized to the precise market research and competitive intelligence purposes of each of Northern Light’s enterprise clients.

SinglePoint features MI Analystâ„¢ – the only automated “meaning extraction” application designed specifically for market intelligence, market research and product research – which speeds and improves a researcher’s ability to analyze reports from internal and external sources, identifying the strategy issues and suggesting the business implications of the analyzed content. Another option, SinglePoint Connects, is a series of “Web 2.0” capabilities that enables users to collaborate online in a variety of ways within the portal environment. As a result, users can more easily find, annotate and share documents in a single user interface, while the portal’s authentication system enforces the business and copyright rules on document dissemination.

About Northern Light Search
Northern Light Search ( lets users search, browse and use MI Analyst to analyze content, personalize the site, set search defaults, create and subscribe to alerts, and collaborate with other business researchers. The service also features Market Intelligence Wikis (, which provide an overview of industries and business trends, with a detailed picture of market segments, issues, companies, and government regulatory actions, and several widgets for collaborating with other business researchers using the system and which leverage the activity of the search community.

About Northern Light
Northern Light has been providing strategic research portals, business research content, and search technology to global enterprises since 1996. During that time, Northern Light has built and deployed over 200 custom research portals and enterprise search applications for large enterprises. Northern Light’s current clients include one or more of the top five companies in each major technology sector of the Fortune 1000, such as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Sprint, Unisys and Verizon. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a development center in St. Petersburg, Russia, Northern Light Group LLC is a profitable, privately-held, self-funded company with more than 50 employees.