Northern Light Shows Its Heart

Boston-based strategic research portal provider engages in charitable giving to address select needs

BOSTON, June 23, 2014 – Northern Light may not be the biggest company in the world, but its clients are. The 50-person Boston-based company counts among its customers some of the world’s largest research-driven corporations, for whom Northern Light provides strategic research portals that its clients use to guide their corporate strategies and technology development activities.

Similarly, Northern Light’s charitable giving belies its size. The company focuses on a few initiatives that make a big impact. Over the past 12 months, Northern Light:

Gave laptop computers to every graduate of the Bridging the Gap program, which educates at-risk youth on the resources and tools needed for them to make better decisions for themselves and ultimately attain a more promising future. Since 2009, more than 200 court involved juveniles in the Boston area have graduated from Bridging the Gap; 83 percent do not reoffend.

Made a $50,000 matching challenge grant to help fund the Salvation Army’s annual Thanksgiving food basket distribution. Because of the grant and the funds the Salvation Army was able to raise in matching gifts, more than 10,000 people enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner they otherwise would not have had.

Donated a complement of new laptops equipped with Kurzweil software to an under-funded elementary school in Ozark, Alabama to give visually impaired children the opportunity and ability to experience the joy of reading and the rewards of taking ownership of their own progress. The teacher had this to say: “The students feel pretty special to hear their own voices, and make decisions on whether to redo the recording, or send it to me for evaluation. It is amazing to see the enthusiasm students have now with new technology!”

“As a company, Northern Light’s success is a blend of great technology and talent at work in an environment that rewards excellence and demands teamwork,” C. David Seuss, Northern Light’s CEO, said. “Because we believe that generosity – the impulse and ability to give freely – is foundational to teamwork, giving is an intentional part of Northern Light’s culture.”

Northern Light has been providing strategic research portals, business research content, and search and text analytics technology to global enterprises since 1996.