Apple iPhone 6s Launch Sparks Another Round of Smartphone Buzz

As occurs every fall, the smartphone world is abuzz with the latest offerings from Apple – the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This time, industry analysts are talking as much about the business elements of the Cupertino colossus’s September announcement as the technical ones.

Based on IT analysts’ social media posts –24 blog posts and 116 tweets during the month of September – there’s appreciation both for Apple’s ongoing technical innovation and their marketing approach.

IT analyst blogs and tweets about iPhone 6s launch in Sept 2015




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For example, GigaOm wrote that the new devices “have features that will change how people take photos, interact with their phones, and view the concept of ownership in this new age.” Specifically, they cited Live Photos, 3D Touch, and the iPhone Upgrade (e.g., “rental”) Program as significant changes that make this announcement more than the typical (and rather mundane) “off-year product updates Apple popularized with the iPhone 4s or 5s.”

All analyst commentary was not glowing, however. ZK Research questioned Apple’s claims that the new devices would attain twice the Wi-Fi and LTE network speed previously possible. “Those are theoretical speeds,” ZK noted. “You can’t access the internet with theoretical infrastructure, only what’s deployed, and that’s going to give an experience similar to what you have today.”

As for the upgrade program, Frost and Sullivan warned mobile carriers to beware. “This puts the carriers at the mercy of Apple and its customers. Apple customers can now work directly with Apple to purchase devices and tag on the plan based on the coverage and price they desire.”

Still, the net overall perspective from IT analysts was positive. As GigaOm concluded, “These new iPhones aren’t just incremental upgrades; they’re poised to change the way people use their phones or share moments from their lives. I’d pay a few bucks each month for that.”

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