Dell’s Acquisition of EMC Makes Sense – and Probably Dollars

The largest acquisition in information technology industry history predictably dominated the IT analyst social web in October. The consensus opinion that emerged was that Dell’s bid to buy EMC makes sense, and is a sign of the times both technologically and financially.

Based on IT analysts’ social media posts – 114 blogs and 583 tweets during the month of October – there’s general agreement with the rationale for the Dell-EMC combination.

Dell EMC acq AV graph Oct15 cropped 50pct


Dell EMC acq graph legend Oct15

For example, Technology Business Research wrote, “Dell’s planned purchase of EMC makes it like the General Motors of IT… The combined entity will be better able to deliver solutions to large and midsize business customers…. Dell has historic strengths in consumer, small business and the midmarket. EMC’s historic strength lies in large enterprise. The new entity will have permission to play across all segments.”

Analysts generally bought into the synergy-will-produce-growth story that Michael Dell articulated. Techaisle wrote, “The theory appears to be that by combining EMC’s prowess at selling to enterprise accounts and Dell’s broader compute portfolio the company can increase share of wallet within major accounts.”

And on the financial side, as InfoTrends noted, “Going forward, EMC will now be spared public scrutiny of its quarterly results, and can focus on R&D to regain a competitive advantage in the story market.”

Many analysts favorably contrasted the Dell-EMC deal with HP’s purchase of Compaq 15 years ago. The

Pund-IT blog wrote, “Dell’s primary efforts among small- to medium-sized businesses and EMC’s focus on large enterprises means there will be far fewer opportunities for conflict [than HP’s acquisition of Compaq]… and the fact that [Dell and EMC] have worked together closely in the past and share many mutual partners should help to mitigate some [cultural] challenges.”

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Apple iPhone 6s Launch Sparks Another Round of Smartphone Buzz

As occurs every fall, the smartphone world is abuzz with the latest offerings from Apple – the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This time, industry analysts are talking as much about the business elements of the Cupertino colossus’s September announcement as the technical ones.

Based on IT analysts’ social media posts –24 blog posts and 116 tweets during the month of September – there’s appreciation both for Apple’s ongoing technical innovation and their marketing approach.

IT analyst blogs and tweets about iPhone 6s launch in Sept 2015




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Apple Music Launch Hits Some Sweet and Sour Notes

Apple’s launch of its Apple Music streaming service in June was as noteworthy for the musician royalty row it sparked as for the competition Apple aspires to offer Spotify and Pandora, to judge by a review of analyst blogs and tweets. Over the past 60 days, in 21 blog posts and 116 tweets, analysts for the most part treated the announcement as expected and inevitable, rather than as an Earth-shaking development in the personal entertainment space.

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Verizon’s AOL Acquisition is a Winner

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Nobody is Neutral about Net Neutrality

Based on a review of several hundred IT analyst blog posts and tweets during the first quarter of 2015, it is clear that sentiment in the analyst community about FCC-legislated “net neutrality” is overwhelmingly negative. Furthermore, expectations of rampant legal challenges to the FCC’s Open Internet Order are universal.

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