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Innovation and Customer Insight

In April, my old employer, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and BusinessWeek released a study indentifying the most innovative global companies.   The report is based on a survey by BCG of 2,700 senior executives “representing all major markets and industries.”   Of even more interest is the research report published by BCG detaling the survey’s complete findings .  (I will provide links to both the BusinessWeek article and the BCG research report at end of the this blog post.)  The research report gives considerable more depth on questions like why a company would want to be an innovator, what degree of importance enterprises ascribe to innovation, what the actual contributions are to operating performance of innovation, and what factors facilitate innovation?  Continue reading Innovation and Customer Insight

How To Save $50 million

Woody Allen is famously reported to have said, “80% of success is showing up.”  Well, there is something about the ROI for a strategic research portal that is analogous.  By simply concentrating all of a company’s market research in one repository that is available to everyone involved in strategic business or product  research, huge benefits can be realized without a lot of fuss. Continue reading How To Save $50 million

ROI for Market Research Portals

When it comes to SinglePoint  market research portal implementations, our clients have experienced quantifiable savings in a number of areas that are well worth remembering when the time comes to build the corporate case.  Since we get the ROI question all the time, I thought I would share what we know about this topic with you.  Here are some things to consider:  Continue reading ROI for Market Research Portals