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Why Search Is the Wrong Answer To the Wrong Problem

Search is the enterprise application that suffers the most from reinvention of the wheel.  While you are researching a business opportunity, competitive development, or market event using a search engine, other people in your company are probably repeating the same search.  They may be in an office near you, on another floor of the building, across the corporate campus, or in a business unit on another continent.  There is no greater loss productivity from any enterprise application than in the search process when many times each day employees in different locations, divisions, and product groups of the same company, unbeknownst to each other, search their enterprise repositories and licensed market intelligence information for the same (or closely related) pieces of information.  The search engine industry has even institutionalized this problem, making it a “feature not a bug,” by popularizing notions such as “most popular queries.”  Think about it, most popular queries?  How again is it good that same query is repeated over and over?     Continue reading Why Search Is the Wrong Answer To the Wrong Problem