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Using Meaning Extraction To Improve Search Results

In my prior post, “Meaning Extraction for Business Strategy”, I describe a new type of search result: “scenarios of meaning.”  For example, in a search on ‘Cisco and VOIP’, we get back the scenario “Cisco is using a product marketing strategy of Professional Services” that presents a finding about how Cisco is using a particular marketing initiative in that market.   This new type of search result is unique and exciting.  But the story doesn’t really stop there.  Meaning extraction can be used to bump up the value of plain old search results as well.  Let me explain. Continue reading Using Meaning Extraction To Improve Search Results

Meaning Extraction for Business Strategy

 In my previous post, I gave an example of how meaning extraction works in a life sciences research setting.  I am pleased to report to you all that the essence of that blog post was expanded into an article that is going to run in Future Pharmaceuticals magazine soon.  I will post a link to it when it runs if that is practical.

But since most people work for companies that are not pharmaceuticals or performing life sciences research,  I thought I should provide another example in a different context.  So let’s say we want to analyze the strategy of a company like Cisco in the arena of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) and that we have a content repository of a few hundred thousand market research reports from scores of authoritative analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.  (Northern Light clients actually have such a database available to them.)   Continue reading Meaning Extraction for Business Strategy

ROI for Market Research Portals

When it comes to SinglePoint  market research portal implementations, our clients have experienced quantifiable savings in a number of areas that are well worth remembering when the time comes to build the corporate case.  Since we get the ROI question all the time, I thought I would share what we know about this topic with you.  Here are some things to consider:  Continue reading ROI for Market Research Portals