Who Uses SinglePoint

Global leaders, market research innovators, industry leading clients

Northern Light clients comprise the largest, most well-recognized global leaders and market research innovators from the ranks of Fortune 100 and Global 50 companies.  These industry leaders use Northern Light in departmental, divisional, and enterprise-wide deployments of knowledge management solutions that manage market research, competitive intelligence, and marketing strategy content.

Industries served

Northern Light’s unified business search technology and content aggregation services are applicable to any industry in which it is of value to stay current and informed across a wide array of information sources. That said, we currently have deployed solutions in industries including information technology, life sciences, health care, financial services, consumer packaged goods, hospitality, logistics, and manufacturing.

Functions served

Northern Light’s context-specific, cross-source search and analytics solutions are a natural fit for professionals involved in market research, competitive intelligence, market intelligence, technology intelligence, and customer intelligence; product management and marketing teams; sales account and enablement teams looking to hold informed business conversations with their prospects and clients; executive decision makers and their strategic planners; and analyst relations.

Enterprise class — enterprise-wide and departmental

Although our products are designed for global innovators and the largest of enterprise clients, Northern Light also serves departmental innovation as well. Every aspect of each solution is designed with its intended use in mind – most often industry specific. The largest and most innovative global companies have turned to Northern Light to answer the question “How can I make the best and most efficient use of business information and market intelligence to make the highest quality business decisions?”

Northern Light SinglePoint currently has 250,000 user accounts at our enterprise-wide clients.

A record of customer delight

We bring world class technology and services to the largest enterprises in the world and we are dedicated to being the easiest company to work with anyone has ever experienced. Our clients will tell you exactly the same thing; let us put you in touch with some of them so you can find out for yourself.