SinglePoint for Competitive Intelligence

SinglePoint CI Competitive intelligence tool that automates competitive intelligence gathering

SinglePoint CI is a competitive intelligence portal designed and priced for the competitive intelligence and market research department that serves a demanding enterprise audience. Making it easy to gain competitor intelligence and do competitive research, this CI portal solution automates gathering of competitive information, business news and analyst social media.

SinglePoint CI features a powerful search and analytic engine designed to find, analyze, and disseminate compelling competitive intelligence and market analysis information. Northern Light tailors its SinglePoint CI portal to the exact business interests and research needs of the client competitive intelligence or market research department.

SinglePoint CI competitive intelligence portals include:

  • Competitive intelligence solution
  • Northern Light Business News
  • Industry authority blogs and Twitter for monitoring of social media
  • Newsletter creation and publishing tool
  • Content distribution using RSS
  • Northern Light’s search technology optimized for market research and competitive intelligence
  • Alerts targeted to specific topics and competitors of interest
  • MI Analyst™ text analytics developed specifically for market research is customized by industry
  • Automated meaning extraction surfaces strategic topics and trends
  • One click analysis and drill downs on strategic topics surfaced by our analytics engine
  • Customization of the portal UI to the colors and logo of the client
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Global monitoring of competitors, industries, and hot topics
  • Twitter feeds on relevant companies and topics will be added to each SinglePoint CI portal based on the client’s needs.

In addition, CI professionals can automate alerts on topics of interest, and do one click analysis and drill downs on strategic topics surfaced by Northern Light’s analytics engine, MI Analyst™, which automatically analyzes documents found in search results. MI Analyst can analyze documents using industry-specific concepts and concept categories as well as general business facets such as Company Names, Corporate Strategies, and Product Marketing Strategies.

Distribution options offered in the portal include newsletters and RSS feeds.  Using the newsletter tool, CI analysts can create newsletters with automated search alerts populating fields in the newsletters, and they can add their own editorial and commentary.  In addition, any search can be saved as an alert, which creates a vertical topic feed that can then be distributed using RSS to any enterprise intranet site.

SinglePoint CI contains Northern Light Business News, which aggregates 40,000 news articles per day from 5,700 business-focused sources, including newswires and industry authority blogs, for up-to-date information related to:

  • Competitors’ announcements, partnerships, and products
  • M & A activity that signals competitors’ strategic intentions
  • Venture-funded companies that represent competitors’ potential acquisition shopping list
  • New technology and disruptive events
  • Emerging markets and business trends
  • Industry authorities’ commentary about a company, its market and competitors