Content distribution capabilities

Content distribution capabilities form the last mile in market research. Aggregating, indexing, analyzing, searching, and finding relevant business information is only half the battle. The other half is getting it into hands of users throughout the organization. Northern Light market research enterprise portals offer multiple distribution options beyond the traditional “click on a search result and see your document.”

Strategic dashboards

Strategic dashboards are a means of presenting a curated, organized view of market intelligence and market research on any given topic. Northern Light SinglePoint portals include a dashboard authoring and publishing system. Clients can have any number of dashboards on any number of topics. Users of the dashboards “get the good stuff fast” without having to execute a search or deal with a search result.

Strategic dashboards are a terrific way to provide a “browse to content” experience for casual users in product management, market research, competitive intelligence, sales, development, and the executive suite. These users need to consume market intelligence and research to do their jobs, but they don’t want to have to do the research themselves. The dashboard system in SinglePoint provides the perfect solution for them, featuring a newsletter section, headline boxes on important topics, and click to search results for any number of topics, product markets, technologies, competitors, or customers.

Personal Dashboards

For users who want to take a more active role in organizing their market intelligence research world, personal dashboards are a good solution. Northern Light SinglePoint provides personal dashboards that present users with overviews of their saved documents, alerts, and collaboration activities. An important type of personal dashboard is “My Headlines”, a capability that lets a user attach his or her saved searches to headline boxes that are then automatically populated with content relevant to the user’s interests — market intelligence and research at a glance.

Search alerts

Users can save any search as a saved search, and use any saved search as an email alert, an RSS feed to an RSS reader, or assign it to a headline box in My Headlines.

Expert searches

Designated portal administrators can author expert searches, which are saved searches with special capabilities. Expert searches are published in the SinglePoint user interface and users can subscribe to them as search alerts. This gives portal administrators, who are often expert searchers, the ability to lever their expertise across the whole organization. Expert searches can also be used as headline feeds in headline boxes on strategic dashboards, can be used as RSS feeds to intranet sites, and can be used to populate Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts. Northern Light’s editorial team can help write expert searches.

RSS and Atom feeds

Any saved search or expert search can be used to create a content feed using RSS or Atom of any content in the SinglePoint portal to any application that can consume such a feed, including personal RSS readers or enterprise apps that are RSS-enabled.

Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts

Northern Light SinglePoint portals come with a complete set of Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint. They enable the embedding of search, search results, headline feeds, ASAP primary research upload, and strategic dashboards in any Microsoft SharePoint site, such as in a brand site, a product line site, or a sales account team site. Northern Light’s experience shows that by putting the content where the users already work, content consumption often doubles or triples.

Web Services API

For non-SharePoint intranet sites, Northern Light provides a Web Services API for embedding search and content in the client’s intranet. The API is a “restful XML” solution. Using the API is very straightforward and Northern Light clients have implemented it in less than a day on occasion. Clients that have used the API to embed search and content in the intranet have seen the same doubling or tripling or content usage that users of the SharePoint Web Parts have achieved. Web Tabs

Northern Light SinglePoint supports Web Tabs, enabling clients to embed any part of a SinglePoint portal in Salesforce. This can be especially useful for customer-centric news and market intelligence.