Custom Content Aggregator Services

Northern Light custom content aggregator services can aggregate, index, search, and give authorized users controlled access to any material, in any format, on any computer, in any location. As long as our client has legal rights to the material (because they licensed it, created it, or because it was freely accessible on the web or in a government database), Northern Light will solve difficult and specific content aggregation problems on a custom engagement basis.

As a custom content aggregator, we obtain and index a full-text original copy of every document from every source, using perfectly consistent indexing, taxonomy, and text analytic strategies uniformly across all sources. The result is an integrated index that behaves the same way across all sources in terms of search syntax and relevance ranking. This level of consistent, rationalized indexing across otherwise unrelated sources enables compelling analytics and meaning extraction in a way that would be impossible across simple federated search.

Using Northern Light’s integrated content aggregator approach to content aggregation and search:

  • Indexing strategies are consistent across all sources.
  • Search syntax is consistent across all sources.
  • All sources can be searched using the same, advanced, flexible, and powerful search syntax.
  • Alerts can also use this same consistent syntax and be depended on to work the same way for all sources.
  • Consistent metadata can be applied across all sources.


Northern Light’s custom content aggregator services include an integrated search strategy, which applies a business-based taxonomy to all sources in the market intelligence research portal. Control of taxonomies resides entirely with the client, not with the content sources. So, taxonomies can be applied consistently across all sources.

  • Text analytics is enabled across all sources.
  • Because the search engine has access to the full-text of the documents, Northern Light’s powerful market intelligence tool,MI Analyst™, text analytics can automatically extract meaning, surface concepts, identify relationships, and cut time to useful insight while improving business decision quality, competitive analysis, and development of marketing strategy.
  • Relevance ranking is accurate across all sources.
  • The relevance ranking formulas are applied to all documents in a consistent manner so every aspect of each document can contribute in the same way to the document’s rank in the same way regardless of its source.

Our Northern Light team of experienced content aggregator professionals will work with you to develop taxonomies and search analytics that are tailored to the nuances and needs of your company – by role, objective, industries, and areas of interest. Common uses include market research, market analysis, and competitive intelligence in development of marketing strategy and market intelligence initiatives, as well as cross-Microsoft SharePoint search applications.