Market intelligence access in customer voices

The value and use of market intelligence access

“The information might just as well not exist if it doesn’t get used. [Our company] owns a lot of information — a lot. The question is how do we manage that market intelligence content to get it to the people who can make the best use of it? That’s the value. That’s our mission. That’s what Northern Light helps us to do.”

–  Market research manager


“I was impressed by Northern Light’s knowledge of information. It’s really deep and practical — not just about technology, but about how information is used. Most search companies know search. And most content companies know content. Very few people understand the way that information is used. Northern Light is right there at the intersection of information content and technology. No one but Northern Light thinks about the use of content.”

–  Director of knowledge management


“When you make it easy for people to find what’s out there, their appetite for good information grows.”

–  International marketing manager


“This is an Aha! moment.”

–  Senior research department head at an industry-leading pharmaceutical company, upon seeing a search result from Northern Light text analytics that identified a relationship in the literature between two diseases that he had never previously considered


Northern Light distinctives

“Content integration is a service, not a technology. It’s not IT; IT will never want to do what SinglePoint does. IT can do the front end, but no one but Northern Light does custom content integration. People don’t always understand that.”

–  Market intelligence manager


“Northern Light does it all. They update it. It’s turnkey. The key is their relationship with the vendors. It would be prohibitive for us to manage all those relationships. We feel luckky that we ‘fell’ into Northern Light.”

–  Director of knowledge management


“Excellent company, with cutting edge search and integration capabilities. Also, the customer service is above excellent”

–  Director of competitive intelligence


“SinglePoint enables us to serve thousands of people across the organization with a small, 1-2 person team. Service and support by Northern Light is amazing. There is no hassle, no panic; the portal is always up and running.”

–  Market research manager


“Primary research was a key factor in our turning to Northern Light. The ability to integrate internal research, secondary research, and news was what drove the project”

–  Market intelligence manager


“The beauty of SinglePoint was that we could pretty much bypass IT. They have such stringent systems requirements that it’s almost impossible to get new systems in and up. Northern Light’s SaaS model makes those problems disappear.”

–  High tech company research manager


User experience

“SinglePoint gives each user the ability to explore data in their own way rather than through the mind of a professional researcher. Great flexibility.”

–  Global market research manager


“Our professional secondary researchers were very skeptical. They didn’t believe that consultants would use it or that the search capability would be as good or better than the native searches on each content vendor site. In fact, there is a very straightforward user interface — very intuitive. They’re won over.”

–  Director of information services


“At first we thought the primary (maybe the only) users of SinglePoint would be marketing. That is so far from the truth. Sales, IT, product management, engineering, finance… At this time we have usage across all job functions, across all geographies globally.”

–  Market intelligence manager


“We wanted to involve the consultants in their own searches — getting them to ask better questions. We wanted to raise their awareness about good sources of information beyond the obvious. It has worked out extremely well.”

–  Director of information services


“Using the SinglePoint portal, I can get much more work done that I could before we had it.”

–  Market research analyst


“Northern Light is special. Once someone sees SinglePoint, it’s great. When folks find it, they love it.”

–  Market research manager