Discovery Portal for Life Science Conference Abstracts

Search over 2.5 million Life Science conference abstracts and posters delivered at life sciences industry events

Now also available from Wolters Kluwer Health on OvidSP

Life Science conference abstracts are a rich source of market intelligence. Life Science research is first presented at conferences, and only months later – even years later – published in a journal supplement or as a journal article. If you are a life sciences company and you are not tracking Life Science conference abstracts and presentations, you are not on top of the current state-of-the-art in your therapeutic areas.

Northern Light’s Discovery Portal for Life Sciences provides you with access to over 2.5 million abstracts and posters from over 3,500 life sciences conferences held around the world since 2010. New conferences are added as they occur. The collection includes more than 130,000 posters, which are particularly valuable for their images, charts, and tables.

All of the abstracts and posters are linked from the search results, so users can see the material on the website of the conference organizer and go right to the page the abstract  is on – even inside a hundred-page PDF.

Key features include:

  • Full-text index and powerful search options (see the discussion of Northern Light’s search engine in the Enabling Technologies section)
  • Global monitoring of your topics with search alerts so that whenever a presentation is given on a topic of interest you find out about it right away
  • Rich hand-curated metadata on authors and author affiliations so you can learn about who is doing research in the fields you track
  • Northern Light MI Analyst text analytics so you can browse search results by concept and discover new knowledge (see the discussion of Northern Light’s text analytics solution in the Technologies section)
  • Search Medline, PubMedCentral, clinical trials and patents so you can research both the pre-publication material (conference abstracts) and the post-peer review publication material (Medline)
  • Northern Light Business News so you can track life sciences industry coverage of your topics of interest