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Machine Learning Project at Northern Light

by Anton Voskresenskiy, Chief Research Officer

When Northern Light started its machine learning project we paused to consider the areas where machine learning could add value to search for our clients. We listened to what our clients and users were saying about the nature of search and how they wished it were different.

There is no doubt that cognitive styles are evolving and that users want the machine to do more of the work. These are the things our users told us:

“When I want to drill into a topic more deeply from a search result, why can’t the machine figure out what the right query is for me? I don’t want to think about topics and query terms to add to my search terms.”

“Why can’t the machine just read the documents on the search result for me and tell me what it finds that I should know?”

“Why do I have to search at all? Why can’t the machine just monitor the content flow and tell me when there is something new I should pay attention to?”

So we set out to address these pain points with our machine learning development effort. We think we have made some innovative strides that contribute to a solution of the problems expressed above.

For example:

  1. Recommended Reading List: uses machine learning to observe what an individual user is interested in and then monitors the content flow for new material the user should care about. You don’t search for the content; the content comes and finds you!
  2. More Like This: uses machine learning to rewrite the query based on an article or report of interest to find additional material that is on point for the user.
  3. Insights Report: uses machine learning to find important ideas in the documents on the search result page and pulls the sentences that represent those ideas into a report for the user to read.

Each one of the above features is in effect an intelligent assistant to help you find more strategic insights. The next year will be an exciting one for Northern Light and our clients. Machine intelligence is arriving like an eager new employee to start its job working for us – and we will all be learning together how to use it to lever our human intellects. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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