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What’s Possible in the Age of AI

If Only that Newsletter Would Write Itself… A Look at What’s Possible in the Age of AI

Today there is more content than anyone can fathom, let alone consume.  According to Forbes, a whopping 2.5 quintillion bytes is created daily – and this number is only expected to increase in the years to come as the IoT accelerates the amount of created data. And yet, our economy is based on knowledge workers whose jobs depend on their area of expertise and ability to find and synthesize information faster than their competitors.

With so much content out there, how can anyone expect to rise above the noise in the digital sphere — much less make sense of all of it? The fact is, the modern business needs access to worthy content, quality content, snackable, shareable content. But, let’s be honest. Who has time to curate the best available information in various research portals or online sources?

Creating timely and relevant newsletters to share within an organization takes time and skill. It also requires attention to detail, specificity, and considerable effort. After all, who wants to read vague fluff pieces presenting little information of any consequence? Knowing content to be truly king, yet recognizing all the time and energy required to get it right, wouldn’t be great if there was a trusted resource that could do the job right for your company?

Northern Light, my organization, views competitive intelligence, coupled with the sharing of quality content, as an indispensable tool for modern businesses. We developed SinglePoint, a competitive intelligence knowledge management platform, to aggregate content based on reliable information from Northern Light Business News, along with licensed industry content from multiple subscription market intelligence sources. Featuring dashboard tools for distributing quality newsletters and backed by machine learning, our system also creates Insight Reports. Pithy and to the point, they offer highly informed and topical information on various subjects as if each piece were written by a highly knowledgeable, yet discerning copywriter.

A recent case study reveals the necessity of reliable, sharable content to elicit trust. Northern Light works with a global corporation client operating in many product markets. Due to the volatile nature of our client’s industry, a tendency persists for companies to share less than reliable content. Unfortunately, too often, commercially questionable sources provide misleading or inaccurate information. Even more impactful and problematic is the fact that industry announcements, especially those concerning new product launches, can drastically affect our clients’ landscape, threatening revenues.

Based on these types of challenging situations it’s understandable so many decision-makers and their teams turn to quality content containing accurate and timely information. “I couldn’t do my job without the Morning Brief powered by SinglePoint,” recently remarked a Senior Vice President of Marketing. “I reach for the phone to read it before I pour my first cup of coffee every morning.” The daily newsletter she receives reporting on crucial developments affecting her company and industry is indicative of how our clients benefit from possessing their own content making factory, delivering quality information to the people who need it most. For instance, one client we work with currently publishes 150 newsletters and corresponding dashboards on product markets and competitor actions in each market, distributing over 30,000 views of competitive intelligence documents and dashboards a month to over 9,000 users around the world.

Examples such as the above help demonstrate how using AI-powered software can generate the type of content that’s needed to be relevant and informed. Undoubtedly, time is a vital, yet finite resource. Being able to rely on trusted sources for needed information allows organizations to reduce the duration between receiving relevant info and taking action. Possessing and sharing the right information can make all of the difference for today’s businesses, an undisputed advantage in our competitive modern landscape.

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