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Successful mature asian working inside office using laptop, man typing on keyboard and smiling, businessman in shirt and glasses satisfied with work and achievement results, programmer at work. Generative AI and copyright.

Generative AI and copyright

Concerns about how new generative artificial intelligence (AI) programs, and the large language models upon…

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Business people at panel discussion in board room discussing generative AI

Beware of these three generative AI “gotchas”

The hype around generative AI shows no signs of cooling, so in the coming months…

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Generative AI for enterprise applications.

Generative AI spawns “AI compliance” assessments at large enterprises

An AI compliance questionnaire – Part 1 As generative AI becomes more powerful and practical…

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Writing with generative AI

Is every business thought leader writing about generative AI? (Or with it?)

Hardly a day goes by that a thought-leader consultant isn’t sharing with business executives new…

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Businesswoman presenting to colleagues at a meeting. Generative AI and knowledge management

Generative AI and knowledge management: the perfect technology marriage

As the buzz around generative AI intensifies, executives and technologists in virtually every industry are…

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Woman working on laptop online, checking emails and planning on the internet while sitting in an office alone at work. Business woman, corporate professional or manager searching for competitive intelligence

Versatile “content ingestion” capabilities prevent indigestion for competitive intelligence portal users

The first thing you need to do effective competitive intelligence (CI) research is good content.…

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