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Todays leaders need to embrace intelligent enterprise search. A blond woman in her fifties with black rimmed glasses leads a team meeting around a conference table.

Intelligent Enterprise Search: Bridging the Gap Between Elusive Information & Actionable Insights

Intelligent applications – those that are enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities…

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“Democratize” research to enhance enterprise knowledge management

If knowledge is power, then information is the fuel that runs the generating plant. The…

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How to Develop a Knowledge Management Strategy for Your Enterprise

Did it take more than a little knowledge to build your enterprise into the powerhouse…

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Northern Light CEO David Seuss Discusses the Value of AI in Competitive Intelligence at Data Summit Connect 2021

“We are approaching the era when researchers will no longer search for information in the…

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Deloitte: Enterprise Digital Transformation is a Competitive Necessity for Life Sciences Companies… and Knowledge Management is a Driver

Business consultants have been talking about “digital transformation” for years, and many global enterprises have…

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McKinsey cover background. Knowledge management post pandemic.

McKinsey Considers Post-Pandemic Workforce Options, which has Implications for Knowledge Management Systems

Management consulting firm McKinsey advises companies to carefully consider a range of potential impacts associated…

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Businessman working on laptop. Data security matters when it comes to your knowledge management system.

Data Security and Knowledge Management–Does Your Platform Make the Grade?

When it comes to data security, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. According to…

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Woman entrepreneur at work in office. SharePoint is not an ideal solution for market research.

An expert’s take on why SharePoint is not the optimal solution for a function-specific search application

Organizations considering how best to manage their market research and competitive intelligence assets often say…

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The right knowledge management system can make you the smartest person in the room- Millennial black businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting, close up

The Right Knowledge Management System Can Make You the Smartest Person in the Room

A friend of Northern Light, recalling a former colleague at a major pharmaceutical company, said,…

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