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BCG: The cultural benefits of artificial intelligence in the enterprise

Can AI help CI teams not only do better work, but also work better together?…

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A diverse group of colleagues around a conference table at an IKN transformer

Northern Light SinglePoint users are equipped to become “IKN transformers”

Industry research firm IDC has coined a term for organizations that “holistically collect and capture…

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competitive intelligence checklist - man working on laptop

How many boxes does Northern Light SinglePoint check on the list of AI benefits for competitive intelligence?

A business blog recently published a list of 10 reasons why artificial intelligence (AI) is…

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strategy + business knowledge management

PwC: How to predict disruption when there’s no such thing as normal

Better, more readily accessible market and competitive intelligence is more important than ever to help…

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enterprise intelligence platforms

The future of applied intelligence in business hinges on deploying enterprise intelligence platforms, says IDC

The digital transformation of business hinges on many information technology (IT)-enabled workflows.  In a recent…

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A middle aged man and a woman review a tablet screen. Measuring ROI of a competitive intelligence portal can be challenging.

Measuring ROI for an enterprise competitive intelligence portal is complicated

An oft-quoted business aphorism is “What gets measured gets managed.”  While generally true, this statement…

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Middle aged man in denim shirt working on laptop. Market research is now called customer insights.

Whither “market research”? It’s bigger than ever, though increasingly under different names.

A long time ago, in an enterprise far, far away, there was a department called…

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McKinsey report on customer insights and customer experience

McKinsey: Better customer experience is a key to boosting growth in industrial services

To improve the customer experience, McKinsey says industrial OEMs have to do a better job…

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A Black Millenial worker reads from a tablet in a bright office. Can your knowledge management system mitigate the great resignation?

Implementing a knowledge management system may help your company avoid the “Great Resignation” of 2021

If your company is like most, your younger employees are leaving (or thinking about leaving)…

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