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Innovative companies embrace knowledge management systems

The correlation between the most innovative companies and those that embrace knowledge management (KM) systems…

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Group of young businesspeople gathered in office for analyzing market. Economic uncertainty and competitive intelligence automation.

How does today’s economic uncertainty affect market and competitive intelligence automation initiatives?

As 2022 winds to a close, many macroeconomic uncertainties – driven by war in Ukraine,…

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Focused corporate business team people collaborate around a table. Consumer packaged goods can drive resilient growth.

McKinsey: How consumer packaged goods companies can drive resilient growth

Competitive intelligence and consumer insights capabilities are key to unlocking growth and productivity   Consumer…

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Young Black man concentrates on his laptop. SinglePoint out googles search

SinglePoint’s search “out-Googles” users’ expectations

Google® is our cultural benchmark for internet search; the very brand name has been coopted…

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A group of office workers are seated at a round meeting table where they discuss their knowledge management.

A financial services powerhouse’s knowledge management platform pays dividends

Savvy enterprises understand the importance of building and deploying a knowledge management platform for market…

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Two people discuss knowledge management while seated at a desk and looking at computer

SinglePoint’s “Recommended Reading List” is a powerful way to alert users to relevant new content

Of the many ways for Northern Light SinglePoint™ users to become aware of relevant content…

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McKinsey: A brighter future for pharma technical development

A recent article by management consulting firm McKinsey* shines a spotlight on pharma technical development,…

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