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social media analytics provider

How To Select A Social Media Analytics Provider

More than half of Americans now regularly get their news from social media according to…

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brand leaders

Using Social Analytics to Identify Brand Leaders

Branding is an industry unto itself. More than a name, a logo, or a slogan,…

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Avoid GDPR Violations with SinglePoint

“What’s in a name?” Juliet mused to Romeo centuries ago. While Shakespeare’s question is still…

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find relevant hashtags

How to Find Relevant Hashtags

If you're into social media, you know the impact that hashtags have, including the ability…

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white papers

Machine Learning Can Reveal the Why Behind the Answer in Social Media Analysis

Remember math class in elementary and junior high school? (Sorry to dredge up particularly painful…

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The challenges of SME-hood and “democratizing” knowledge across the enterprise

It’s not easy being a subject matter expert (SME for short).  And not only because…

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