Interoperability with enterprise systems

Interoperability with enterprise systems is fundamental to productivity. Uniquely, Northern Light can operate on both sides of a client’s firewall because our SinglePoint market research portals are built with the enterprise in mind. Interoperability is a core value of our platform design, including:

Network integration

Single-Sign-On for integration with the client’s network security systems such as SAML, network security appliances (e.g., Netegrity), or other user authentication systems (e.g., Siteminder). SSO eliminates the need for individual account creation on the portal by each user, allows the user profile to be automatically filled in, facilitates the Roles option for configuration of the portal to different user groups, and improves security by ensuring that an individual whose employment ends is immediately barred from the portal.

Application integration

Northern Light’s Microsoft Web Parts Collection facilitates the embedding of SinglePoint portal content and search facilities throughout the client’s intranet when that intranet is based on Microsoft SharePoint. Using the Web Parts collection, client users can search any content collection in SinglePoint from the SharePoint intranet page, view search results, and click through to documents without leaving their product, team, or functional department SharePoint sites. Headline boxes can also be embedded in a SharePoint site to present automatically updated content feeds relevant to the users of the SharePoint site. This capability is an excellent means of increasing strategic research and news consumption by casual users because the content is right where they normally spend their workday.

The Northern Light application programming interface (API) facilitates embedding of SinglePoint portal content and search facilities throughout the client’s intranet for non-SharePoint environments. The API can be used for any intranet platform that supports Web Services, for example, IBM WebSphere.

Integration with can be accomplished using the Web Tabs feature of
Integration with any application that can use the OpenSearch, OAuth (Open Authorization), or Web Services protocols is supported by Northern Light. This capability provides interoperability with a broad swath of enterprise applications.

Content distribution

RSS and Atom topic-specific content feeds can be easily and instantly created using the RSS option for personal Saved Searches and for published Expert Searches. The RSS reader capability in both personal applications like Outlook and in intranet platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint can consume the RSS feeds from individual Search Alerts or Expert Searches, displaying the content feeds directly for individuals, users of intranet websites, or for members of user groups.

Internal content aggregation

Microsoft SharePoint Connector for indexing Microsoft SharePoint instances that reside on a client’s intranet — Northern Light provides the connector and the client’s IT department sets the permissions and runs it on their SharePoint farms. The content is exported to a secure FTP site for Northern Light to acquire for indexing, after which we destroy our copy. The copy is not needed after indexing since users will be directed back to the SharePoint libraries for documents when they click on search results. Many Northern Light clients use the SharePoint Connector to aggregate and index market intelligence content from many different SharePoint sites to make it all searchable at once along with externally licensed market intelligence content.

Automated aggregation, indexing, and searching of internal content in knowledge management repositories, portal platforms, intranet webpages, SQL databases, legacy systems, and Microsoft SharePoint sites — Each client situation is unique but there is always a way to aggregate strategic research so that it can be searched and made findable alongside the external syndicated research. Whatever your repositories are, Northern Light can index them into your SinglePoint portal.