Microsoft SharePoint

Northern Light SinglePoint was designed to live in the enterprise, which means it is a de facto good neighbor to the omni-present Microsoft SharePoint.  We find SharePoint almost everywhere we go doing everything from internal communications, content management, information sharing, and resource collaboration, to business process management.

Northern Light captures, enhances, and maximizes the investments our clients have made in this platform – maximizing the potential of SharePoint without placing any incremental demands on our clients’ IT resources.

Some of the ways Northern Light and SharePoint work together:

  • SharePoint is everywhere in the enterprise performing multiple functions for diverse groups of interest; Northern Light SinglePoint can make SharePoint implementations truly integrated, enterprise-wide resources – on premises or in the cloud – without altering the individual implementations.
  • Northern Light can harvest SharePoint content for unified indexing and search of internal market research, third party licensed material, and web news – while leaving the documents in their original SharePoint libraries for document storage and retrieval.
  • Web parts and app parts make it easy to embed search facilities and research content from Northern Light SinglePoint portals throughout an enterprise’s universe of SharePoint sites.
  • SharePoint is really good at shared document management; Northern Light is really good at search of large repositories of market and technical intelligence content because our search engine is optimized for business research applications.  Together they form a powerhouse of information and market intelligence content management across the enterprise.
  • We support SharePoint’s federated search and can embed content from a client’s SinglePoint portal into SharePoint federated search results.
  • We can easily embed topic-specific news feeds and search throughout each client’s intranet.
  • Northern Light supports single sign-on (SSO), integration with Active Directory, and harvests Access Control Lists (including “trees” and “forests” of privileges) to authenticate users for SharePoint content in  SinglePoint portals – with granular access authorization down to the document level, whether the content comes from SharePoint or from external sources.
  • Northern Light’s MI Analyst text analytics brings automated meaning extraction and market intelligence to otherwise isolated SharePoint assets.

Northern Light effortlessly brings an ease of end-user experience that would otherwise come at a high cost to IT.  Northern Light does all the work to set up the research portal, maintaining it, keeping it up and running at a performance level that users have come to expect. Our clients’ marketing strategy, competitive intelligence, and market analysis professionals get first-rate market intelligence content service in an equally first-rate technical implementation that is “hands-free” for their IT.