Market intelligence products driven by enabling technologies and services

“Northern Light does it all. They update it. It’s turnkey… We feel lucky that we “fell” into Northern Light.”

— Director of Knowledge Management and SinglePoint client

Northern Light market intelligence products and solutions employ an array of enabling technologies to provide our clients with strategic market research enterprise portals and market intelligence content. Uniquely, Northern Light can do the entire job of building market intelligence solutions from beginning to end on both sides of the firewall.

As experienced content aggregators, we can aggregate the content, apply the search and text analytics technology, provide the user interface, enforce the business rules and licensing rules for content access, host the enterprise market intelligence portal, and operate the daily content loads while executing user queries.

Content aggregation driven by the intended professional purpose and use. Unique access to analyst content for 100% text indexing and analytics.

Search quality begins with the content searched. Only Northern Light has immediate and complete access to all of the licensed material from 150+ analyst and market research firms for full text indexing and customized analytics of complete documents. This relationship dynamic offers our clients single sign on search across subscribed material, as well as internal SharePoint documents, primary research, Business News, and web content in any combination. In all products and services, Northern Light professionals carefully select material that is curated for usefulness in specific business contexts, typically competitive intelligence solutions and market research initiatives.

Proprietary search engine explicitly designed to meet the needs of business research.

Northern Light’s search engine was designed from the ground up to exploit the attributes commonly found in market research reports, business documents, and industry news. Because we own the search engine, we can shape and evolve it to our clients’ precise use cases for a level of business search service that far exceeds the capabilities of general purpose engines. Northern Light’s search engine has been at work since 2000, serving market intelligence research demands in the largest of custom search implementations worldwide.

MI Analyst text analytics trained to industry specific concepts and interests.

Northern Light’s market intelligence engine, MI Analyst, does a full-text “read” of all the research reports and articles returned on a results list, identifies and concepts and issues that they report on, and directs the researcher to the most interesting documents — not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective. MI Analyst guides users to material that will meet the purposes of the search because it has been informed by detailed, context-specific taxonomies tailored to the client’s business goals and industry distinctives.

Securely hosted research portals provide turn-key ease with multi-level, enterprise grade security and access control.

Northern Light has successfully and uneventfully hosted highly sensitive, large-scale SinglePoint implementations for the world’s most well-known enterprises since 2000. Regularly subjected to rigorous review by these industry leaders, Northern Light’s policies, practices, and procedures always meet — and frequently exceed — the standards set by our clients’ IT professionals.