Mobile access friendly portal design

Mobile access to market research makes market intelligence useful to a wide enterprise audience. Northern Light SinglePoint portals are designed to operate easily in the increasingly mobile enterprise computing world so users can have immediate access to market intelligence anywhere at any time.

Works out of the box on mobile devices

Being a web-enabled online solution, Northern Light SinglePoint portals work out of the box for mobile access. As long as your mobile device can access your corporate network, you can access your SinglePoint portal and use it as is. With SinglePoint, you get mobile access to your research portal without having to invest an extra dime or a minute of extra effort.

Gesture friendly

SinglePoint portals are flexible in that the controls operate easily both in a mouse-driven environment and with gestures and taps. For example, items like menus persist when clicked on or tapped, instead of requiring constant affirmative control to see sub-menu options.

Browsing friendly

Features like strategic dashboards are perfect for mobile devices because they require no typing to browse market research, competitive intelligence reports, and news; there’s no need to enter a search query and manipulate a search result.

Responsive design

SinglePoint portals are based on a “responsive” platform, which means that they adapt to the device they are being viewed on. Menus wrap, for example, instead of making the user scroll.