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Northern Light launches "expert communities" feature

Northern Light Adds Expert Communities Feature to SinglePoint Knowledge Management Portals

BOSTON, MA, Oct. 18, 2022 – Northern Light® ( today announced the addition of “expert communities” as a new feature in Northern Light SinglePoint™ enterprise knowledge management portals for market and competitive intelligence.  The new feature enables “subject matter experts” (SMEs) within the organization who have expertise relevant to a user’s SinglePoint search to be displayed along with documents in search results, facilitating collaboration among colleagues.

The subject matter experts panel on the SinglePoint search results screen displays SMEs’ areas of expertise, professional biography, relevant documents they have authored, and their contact information, enabling a SinglePoint user to immediately reach out to colleagues who may be of assistance.  Users can create expert searches that highlight people within their organization who have particular domain knowledge.

“For many professionals, the greatest research assets within their organization are their colleagues,” C. David Seuss, Northern Light’s CEO, said.  “Facilitating collaboration with experts in the organization, whom an individual may or may not know personally, is an important step forward in advancing enterprise knowledge management for market and competitive intelligence.”

The expert communities content set is the latest among many collections available to Northern Light SinglePoint customers.  Organizations typically include primary research, licensed secondary research, business news, and industry-specific databases in their SinglePoint portals.  All content is instantly searchable, and relevant content from all sources – consistently indexed, tagged, and relevance ranked – is displayed in a single, integrated search result.  In addition, SinglePoint’s AI-based machine learning features – the individualized “Recommended Reading List,” “More Like This,” and the automated “Insights Report” that distills key findings of all search results – add even more value to an organization’s knowledge management capabilities.

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