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Northern Light reports record results for 2022

Northern Light Completes Successful 2022 with Record Revenue Growth and New Client Wins

BOSTON, MA, Jan. 10, 2023 – Northern Light®, a privately held company specializing in knowledge management systems used for market and competitive intelligence by large, research-driven enterprises worldwide, today reported that 2022 was the most successful year in the history of the company.  Whether measured by revenue, number of clients, client retention, or profits, 2022 saw substantial growth.

“The changes to corporate work habits fueled by the pandemic and other global factors are driving large enterprises to make investments in technology designed to help them work smarter and more efficiently,” C. David Seuss, Northern Light’s CEO, said.  “One key to the success of work-from-home and hybrid work styles that have emerged as permanent trends is that every organization’s knowledge management system must be superb.  We saw the impact of that dynamic in our 2022 business results, and fully expect it to continue in 2023.”

Last year marked the second time in three years that Northern Light was honored with the KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award in recognition of the robust content management capabilities embedded in Northern Light SinglePoint™ market and competitive intelligence portals.  SinglePoint is a custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform that seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of an organization’s complete research resources to drive more fully informed (and ultimately better) decision making.

Also in 2022, Northern Light delivered significant new capabilities to its clients:

  • Expert Communities – A feature that enables “subject matter experts” within an organization who have expertise relevant to a user’s SinglePoint search to be displayed along with documents in search results, facilitating collaboration among colleagues
  • Field Intelligence Analyst – A content collection app that structures and simplifies the capture and sharing of intelligence gleaned from sales and support calls and other in-market interactions
  • Financial Reports content collection – A library of more than 700,000 documents, including quarterly investor presentations, conference presentations, and financial filings for some 4,000 public companies

In addition, Northern Light was awarded a U.S. patent for automated generation of a company performance index created by automated analysis of publicly available information. This latest patent joins Northern Light’s patent portfolio focused on the automated analysis and extraction of meaning from large business research collections.

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