Northern Light Online Business News

A comprehensive search of online business news, newswires, and industry authority blogs featuring text analytics optimized for strategic business analysis, market research, and competitive intelligence.

Northern Light online Business News is designed to meet the needs of market researchers, competitive intelligence professionals, sales staff, corporate communications, product and marketing managers, strategic planners, and information center professionals.

It is a flexible, effective solution that delivers high quality market research results at a more affordable price than alternative business news sources.

Northern Light’s business news content, updated every 15 minutes, includes:

  • 40,000 news articles a day from 5,800 business and technology focused news sources
  • 24 month archive – 20 million stories total
  • Includes business wires, trade journal and association sites, and industry authority bloggers
  • Sources focused on industry, company, product, market, and technology news from around the world
  • News that is not about business and technology is excluded which makes for high quality-density of the search results
  • Rich industry trade news coverage – trade sites are where the deep perspective and commentary resides
  • MI Analyst text analytics to analyze your search results and provide browsing of search results by concept

MI Analyst™ Text Analytics for Strategic Business Analysis.  The “MI” in MI Analyst stands for “Market Intelligence” and it is the industry’s only text analytics solution developed specifically for market Intelligence.

  • Concept extraction and tagging of all news stories:   Tags articles automatically for companies, technologies, corporate strategy, corporate finance, new products, product marketing strategies, acquisitions, partnerships, patents, litigation, and many more concept classes.  Can be customized to a specific industry or client.
  • Navigate and refine search results by concept:  Makes it easy to analyze a news search result and hone in on the important issues.
  • Automatic trend analysis:  Helps business professionals identify trends in coverage and interesting events
  • Automatic identification of relationships:  Provides a first-cut automated market strategy analysis based on the news about companies.

Search Alerts.  Any search can be saved and delivered as email alerts, RSS feeds, and news tracking dashboards.

Available in a Custom Enterprise Search Portal.  You can use Northern Light Business News in a customized enterprise search portal.  Customization options include look and feel, single sign-on, expert searches crafted to your company’s needs, and optional Enterprise 2.0 features like bookmarking, sharing of content, and cloud tags.

RSS, XML API, and SharePoint Web Parts.  You can embed context-related news in any intranet webpage using the included RSS an also search the news from your intranet using Northern Light’s RSS distribution capability, the included XML API, or the provided Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts collection