Primary Research Manager Workflow System


“Primary research was a key factor in our turning to Northern Light. The ability to integrate internal research, secondary research, and news was what drove the project”

–  Market research manager and SinglePoint client


Northern Light provides a fully-integrated market research project management workflow system we call the Primary Research Manager. By integrating the market research portal and workflow, many advantages are realized. For example, secondary research can easily be searched by a project team for relevant reports as part of the workflow system for new projects, potentially saving millions on unnecessary primary research and speeding time to market. Also, at an appropriate stage of the project, project documents are automatically available in the research portal to authorized users.

Primary Research Manager

The esesential characteristics of the Primary Research Manager include:

  • Workflow customized to the client
  • Milestones and schedules
  • Approval at each milestone and approval alerts
  • Research contractor upload system
  • Project metadata automatically added to uploaded documents
  • Logging for regulatory purposes and reporting for management purposes
  • Worklow branches depending on project characteristics