Purpose-driven content aggregation

Search quality begins with the content searched

Content aggregation is driven for each client SinglePoint portal by the intended professional purpose and use — frequently market intelligence and competitive intelligence strategy and analysis. Search quality begins with the content searched so it is crucial to have all the content useful for a given purpose available to users in one unified user session.

Northern Light content aggregation services aggregate and search licensed secondary research, internal SharePoint (and other) repositories, primary market research and competitive intelligence created by outside research contractors, business news, government databases and publications, social media, and web content in any combination.

Unique access to market research analyst content aggregation for 100% full-text indexing and analytics

Only Northern Light has immediate and complete access to all of the licensed material from 160+ analyst and market research firms for full text indexing and customized analytics of complete documents. This relationship dynamic and content aggregation specialization offers our clients single-sign-on and search across all the subscribed material from all of their licensed sources.

The specificity and completeness of content aggregation and search that Northern Light provides is unmatched in the industry. We aggregate all the content by obtaining and indexing a full-text original copy of every document from every source, using perfectly consistent indexing, taxonomy, and text analytic strategies uniformly across all sources. The result is an integrated index that behaves the same way across all sources in terms of search syntax and relevance ranking. This level of consistent, rationalized indexing across otherwise unrelated sources enables compelling analytics and meaning extraction in a way that would be impossible across simple federated search.

Content aggregation, indexing, and unified search are enabled across all syndicated research, news, primary research, and other sources. Syndicated, third party research and analyst reports often form the key content set in customized SinglePoint strategic research portals. Although the names change by industry, there are always twenty to fifty leaders in each industry (and some industries overlap) who provide commentary, analysis, and perspective that is highly valued by our clients.

Northern Light works with them all. We are currently technically integrated with 150 of these leading syndicated research providers to access, aggregate, index, search, and deliver research to clients in keeping with each content provider’s authorization system and licensing terms. And we are adding more all the time as clients ask for new ones.

Northern Light has created a custom solution for acquiring each content set supplied by each third-party research provider because there is no existing commonality between the publishing systems, metadata conventions, document repositories, access rules, and content security systems of the various providers. These custom content aggregation solutions are worked out in close cooperation with each market research provider.

These relationships allow Northern Light to include this syndicated material in the integrated indexes of our clients. Northern Light is the only company in the industry that has established this relationship with these firms — and can, as a result, offer this high value market intelligence solution