Personalization and Collaboration

Northern Light’s experience shows that placing collaboration capabilities in the strategic research portal at the enterprise level drives utilization and knowledge sharing. Another significant advantage of putting a collaboration solution directly into the strategic market research portal itself is that the document access rights can be enforced by the SinglePoint portal.

SinglePoint includes a series of social computing and collaboration features including:

  • Bookmarking and tagging of reports and documents that are sharable and observable on results lists, document summaries, and user profiles.  Bookmarking makes documents easily findable later.
  • Sharing of market research and competitive intelligence content with colleagues and groups by the mechanism of bookmarks which automatically generates a link and email alert for a person or group. This capability levers the expertise and efforts of users across a large workgroup, division, or audience.
  • Identification of internal experts and collaboration partners through the mechanism of shared tags.
  • Tag clouds of most popular search terms and bookmark tags to see what other users are searching on and saving.
  • Automatic query completion based on portal users search terms to see how other users researched this topic.
  • Report popularity ratings to identify which reports and documents are being read the most by which users.
  • User created and managed groups with shared bookmarks, headlines, messaging and threaded discussion areas for teams researching related areas.
  • Public user profiles with profile pictures to facilitate networking among portal users for sharing documents and setting up research groups.
  • “Email this page” system allows users to email links to documents of interest with commentary to other portal users.
  • Wiki platform for internal knowledge sharing is especially useful in conveying competitive intelligence quickly, as well as market research results, and market intelligence reports..