SinglePoint Market Intelligence Portal Features and Options

Northern Light’s SinglePoint Strategic Research market intelligence portal is powered by portal features that are practical and technically innovative. Market intelligence portal features include a best practices user interface design and a suite of standard and supporting options:

Market intelligence portal user interface

  • Customization of the portal UI to your company’s branding standards.
  • Strategic Dashboards to help research professionals serve their organization by making market research and competitive intelligence instantly accessible and useful to a broad audience.
  • Personalizable My SinglePoint home page with widgets and content tailored to each user.
  • Multi-select and export of search results for newsletter generation and research collaboration.
  • Role-based User Interface provides different experiences based on a user’s roles, department or job function. Every aspect of the SinglePoint enterprise portal can be customized to a role including Strategic Dashboard and content collections.
  • Content Provider Upload Role allows your content providers to upload their reports as they are published.  Useful for small, but important, content providers with a low volume of reports.
  • Regulated User Role adjusts features access and user activity logging specifically for regulated users in industries such as banking and finance.


  • Bookmarking and tagging of market research documents.
  • Networking with colleagues for collaboration and identification of internal experts.
  • User created and managed collaboration groups with shared bookmarks, headlines, messaging and threaded discussion areas for teams researching related areas.
  • Personalized research widgets, popularity ratings and tag clouds.
  • Wikis for internal knowledge sharing.


  • Integrated content database with all content from all sources indexed, analyzed, and relevance ranked to a single consistent standard.
  • Licensed, premium external market research sources automatically aggregated and indexed as they are published from external research sources selected by the client.   Forrester, IDC, Thomson, Elsevier, and over 150 sources offer instant, transparent, and automated click through to the documents for authorized users.
  • Internal, primary market research content is automatically aggregated and indexed from internal repositories, very often Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Northern Light Business News provides a comprehensive search of online business news, premium newswires, and industry authority blogs.
  • Document submission system lets authorized users upload documents directly into the SinglePoint enterprise portal with appropriate metadata and user access information.  This capability is also valuable for purchased one-off market intelligence reports and primary internal market research and competitive intelligence reports.  Uploaded documents are indexed and available in the portal in 15 minutes.
  • Hosted document repository for internal research content.  Often clients use the optional document repository in conjunction with the document submission system

Interoperability Tools

  • Search API facilitates the embedding of SinglePoint portal content and search facilities throughout the company intranet. The API can be used for any intranet platform, for example, IBM WebSphere.
  • SharePoint Web Parts collection includes such features as a quick search box, federated search of SinglePoint content inside SharePoint, headlines generator, and document upload tool.
  • SalesForce apps for framing SinglePoint and generating headlines.

Accounts and Security

  • Unlimited number of end-users enterprise-wide. External third parties such as advertising agencies and primary research contractors may be given access as well.
  • User account system for online account registration using email validation (with or without IP validation as an additional security measure), maintaining user information such as logins (permitting individuals with working external market research supplier passwords to enter them directly), user roles, contact information, search alerts, home page and search form customization and content permissions.
  • Security system for enforcing content access rights at the level of individual users, user groups, and enterprise wide for both internal and external sources.
  • Document access fulfillment system for redirecting users to syndicated vendors’ websites for document access, automatically logging them in with individually saved or globally assigned logins.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) for integration with client network security systems such as SAML, network security appliances (e.g., Netegrity), LDAP, Active Directory and other user authentication systems.

Search and Alerts

  • Award-wining search technology optimized for market research, competitive intelligence, and product management applications.
  • Full-text indexing of all content from both internal and external sources. SinglePoint indexes every word of every document and records the location of every word in every document (for phrase searching and text analytics.)  This level of detail produces results that are far superior to federated search or indexing of simple RSS-feed metadata.
  • Advanced search options like complex Boolean expressions, phrase searching, proximity searching, wild cards, and both stemmed and unstemmed indexes.
  • Search alert system for user-created alerts, Expert Searches, and browsing using browseable topics.  Search Alerts can be delivered via email, headlines or RSS.
  • Simple and instant topic-specific content feeds using the RSS option for Expert Searches for intranet platforms like Microsoft SharePoint.

MI Analyst™ — market intelligence analytics

  • Text analytics and meaning extraction engine developed specifically for market intelligence applications.
  • Concept taxonomies for Life Sciences, Agribusiness, Telecommunications, Information Technologies, Finance, Management, Chemicals and more.
  • Tools for visualization of concepts and trends.


  • Portal administration system to grant user rights to material and to manage administrator roles, Expert Searches, user feedback, and content supplier information.
  • Reporting system for tracking site usage, queries, reports used, by user and vendor (allowing administrators to evaluate adoption metrics).

Hosting and Maintenance

  • Maintenance and operation of the SinglePoint enterprise portal including hosting of the User Interface and integrated content database, building of the database index daily using the new material produced by all the vendors, provision of the network and hardware required, serving of the user search queries, operation of the user account and authentication system, delivery of documents to authenticated users, execution of daily Search Alerts, application maintenance and minor enhancements, and resolution of vendor content delivery problems that develop.