Market Intelligence Security

Market intelligence security and internal market research content hosting

Market intelligence security is a core competency. Northern Light hosts, indexes, and searches internal market intelligence content from leaders in many industries.  Northern Light goes to extreme lengths to assure that client content cannot be viewed by anyone who is not specifically authorized by the client to do so.

The content we process for clients is never co-mingled with content from other clients.  Each client’s market research content is stored in a segregated installation of our application suite and the client’s content repository can only be accessed by a trusted application specific to that client.

The application suite and market intelligence content repository specific to a client is not accessible to unauthorized users from any source, including the Web, other clients, or even Northern Light personnel.  Our network is hardened against hackers using industry best practices and we employ industry experts to perform external vulnerability testing to double-check to insure that that are no openings in the security measures we have taken.

Lastly, client market intelligence content on our network is stored in an encrypted format using the Rijndeal 256-bit encryption algorithm (Rijndeal is a version of AES encryption) that is widely regarded as the top-of-the-line encryption method.   One industry expert has said, “the amount of time required to crack even a 128-bit AES key, much less a 256-bit key, is estimated to be 149 trillion (thousand-billion) years – a time longer than our universe has existed.” You can read about AES Encryption at this link:

In Northern Light’s 15 year history, we have never delivered client content to unauthorized users or accidentally exposed it to the Web. SinglePoint enterprise portals are a very safe way to manage market research, competitive intelligence documents, marketing strategy analysis, and all other business content.

Document Access

Document access is controlled via Northern Light’s content authorization and fulfillment system.  User requests for documents are fulfilled automatically by logging the users into content suppliers’ websites using individual seat or globally assigned logins, navigating the content suppliers’ websites, and opening the document up in a browser window.  For internal documents for which the user is authenticated, the user’s browser is redirected back to the internal repository for document fulfillment.

A unique feature of Northern Light’s security system in SinglePoint is that security rights can be set and enforced at the document level.  Most IT departments have security structures based on Microsoft’s enterprise computing frameworks that permit setting security at the server, application, or file directory level, but not at the document level.   For seat-based external secondary research and also for primary internal research, document level security is necessary to correctly enforce access rights while simultaneously making the documents easily available to authorized users.