The Basics

“At first we thought the primary, maybe the only, users of SinglePoint would be marketing. That is so far from the truth. Sales, IT, product management, engineering, finance …At this time we have usage across all job functions, across all geographies globally.”

— Market Intelligence Manager and SinglePoint client

Northern Light: Machine learning-enabled platforms for competitive intelligence and market research insights

Northern Light applies machine learning, analytics, search, and purpose-focused content aggregation within a feature-rich strategic research portal for market research, competitive intelligence, and customer insights.  Our solutions leverage cognitive search capabilities to help users rapidly derive and share business insights from all primary and secondary market research sources aggregated for the organization’s market intelligence function.

Northern Light clients comprise the largest, most well recognized innovators from the ranks of the Fortune 100, including 10 of Boston Consulting Group’s 50 “Most Innovative Companies” of 2016.

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