Content Solutions

Web content is unruly, misbehaved, messy, scattered, badly formatted, when formatted at all. It’s also informative, insightful, timely, and crucial for business and technical research and analysis. Northern Light applies its particular skill set and experience to select, filter, index, and analyze web content for use in strategic market research portals; and to deliver the content in a copyright compliant manner.

In addition to the broad array of content source options available in its flagship SinglePoint Strategic Research Portal implementations, Northern Light offers four web content collections aggregated from web content sources: Northern Light Business News, Listen, Target CI, and Discovery Life Sciences Conference Abstracts. Northern Light also provides custom content aggregator services.

Northern Light Business News

This low-cost, high quality, enterprise-wide news solution applies search and analytics technology that we designed for strategic business analysis to web content sources that we aggregate for their business value, including online business news, newswires, and industry authority blogs. Northern Light Business News is a standard included feature in SinglePoint Strategic Research Portals, and is available as a separate standalone enterprise-level business news solution.

Listen…to IT Analysts

Our social media monitoring and search solution searches and monitors the IT analyst social web, combining IT analyst blogs and tweets into a single portal for unified discovery and tracking. The Listen IT analyst social web collection is available as an option in SinglePoint Strategic Research Portals or as a standalone portal that can be subscribed to on a per-seat basis — a powerful market research tool for the analyst relations, market research, and competitive intelligence professional.

Target CI

Target CI is designed for competitive intelligence professionals who are under constant demand for information that is current, compelling, and useful. This competitive intelligence portal solution combines Northern Light Business News and social media monitoring with our business-driven search engine, advanced text analytics, and collaboration in a solution priced for competitive intelligence departments. Making it easy and affordable to get and distribute competitive intelligence and market analysis, Target CI is a competitive intelligence solution optimized for small teams with big mandates.


Life sciences research is first presented at conferences months or years before it is published in peer reviewed journals. With Discovery, you can search and alert on conference presentations around the world. Discovery is available as a content option in SinglePoint Strategic Research Portals and as a standalone portal that can be subscribed to on a per-seat basis. The content collection is also available in the Wolters Kluwer Ovid platform.

Custom content aggregator services

Northern Light can aggregate, index, search, and give authorized users controlled access to any content located on any computer, in any format, in the possession of any organization, anywhere in the world. Although many of our clients use our content aggregator services for market research, competitive intelligence, and marketing strategy applications, we specialize in all kinds of really hard aggregation problems that have previously defied solution, so give us a call about your most difficult content requirements.