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All the pharmaceutical data from Drugs@FDA, searchable as never before.

Drugs@FDA is a treasure trove of information about 45,000 prescription brand-name drug products, generic drug products, and many therapeutic biological products, as well as over-the-counter brand-name and generic drugs approved by the FDA for human use in the United States.

Implemented by Northern Light, this dataset becomes much more valuable to pharmaceutical researchers. Deep tagging from Northern Light’s proprietary MI Analyst text analytics solution illuminates key topics in each entry, such as therapeutic area, disease state, clinical trials, mechanisms of action, and many more. And Northern Light’s machine learning technology automatically summarizes search results into a concise report that is easy for a user to digest. (Links to the original documents on are included.)

Use Drugs@FDA to find:

Information contained in Drugs@FDA:

  • FDA-approved labeling for products for human use
  • Therapeutically equivalent drug products (including generic drug products)
  • Product information for patients
  • FDA-approved products with a specific active ingredient
  • A product’s approval history
  • Medical indications
  • Prescription instructions
  • Restrictions on use
  • FDA staff reviews
  • Approval letters
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