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Feeling the love through a portal pilot

Northern Light gives organizations a taste of SinglePoint – and what it’s like to work with an extraordinarily customer-centric company


In the world of enterprise-class technology solutions, it is the rare company that offers a free trial.  You have to be extremely confident in your product or service (not to mention adroit) to let a prospective customer use it, even on a limited basis, before they’ve bought it – indeed, as a way to encourage them to buy it.

Northern Light is such a company.  We call our free trials our “Feel the Love” program – and that’s what customers say is exactly what happens when they participate.

By “free trial” we mean a fully-functional, customized pilot of a SinglePoint™ knowledge management portal optimized for market and competitive intelligence.  In addition to SinglePoint’s integrated search and AI-based machine learning functionality, and a tailored set of content collections, it comes with the renowned Northern Light high-touch customer support we routinely provide our paying customers.

“I am already feeling the love,” one pilot client (a global manufacturer) said recently. “I’ve received nothing but support from Northern Light.”

Northern Light is unusual among enterprise knowledge management systems providers in offering free trials to prospective customers.  We are able to do this for several reasons:

  • Our SaaS-based delivery model – Northern Light can configure and deploy a SinglePoint market and competitive intelligence portal quickly and easily. Thanks to our SaaS model, our enterprise-wide deployments typically are live within 90 days, including integration of the client’s desired internal and external content collections.
  • Our high-touch support – At Northern Light, we pride ourselves on fanatical customer service, and that applies as much to our “Feel the Love” pilots as it does to our production customers with enterprise-wide deployments. The pilot client mentioned above told us how much she appreciated our “robust approach of teaching and sharing.”
  • Easy on-boarding – Getting up and running on SinglePoint is easy for end-users – professionals throughout your organization tasked with making well-informed business decisions – and portal administrators alike.

Then, once a pilot site is live, they quickly come to appreciate the advanced features of SinglePoint, including those driven by Northern Light’s AI-based machine learning.  For example, SinglePoint enables the computer to read research reports and articles and tell a user what it finds.  Important ideas in key documents are pulled into an automatic “insights report” that utterly transforms the experience of research from the reader’s perspective.  In addition, now the computer can refine queries for the user, and watch the content flow and alert the user when there is something they should know.

So in addition to “feeling the love,” SinglePoint pilot sites feel empowered – able finally to incorporate all the market and competitive intelligence in their organization’s possession into the decision-making process.  And more informed business decisions are likely to be better business decisions.  You can be certain executives will love that.


To learn more about a “Feel the Love” SinglePoint pilot for your organization, contact Northern Light.

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