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IDC podcast about intelligent search features Northern Light CEO David Seuss

IDC Podcast about Intelligent Search Features Northern Light

Northern Light CEO David Seuss is featured in a new podcast series about intelligent search, produced by IDC AI analyst Hayley Sutherland.

Seuss is one of six subject matter experts interviewed by Sutherland in her three-episode program.

In the first episode, entitled “How AI is Evolving Search,” Seuss explains how a modern, AI-enabled search application can automatically deliver strategically-important insights, rather than just a list of “relevant” documents, to business researchers within an enterprise seeking to mine market research and news content for competitive intelligence and other business purposes.

In the second episode, “Measuring ROI of Intelligent Search and Insights,” Seuss suggests looking at the number of hours saved by personnel conducting research within a company when they use AI-enabled tools to expedite and process, as well as the financial impact of business decisions that are informed by research which otherwise would not have been found, as mechanisms for assessing the ROI of intelligent search platforms.

Finally, in episode 3 of Sutherland’s podcast, “The Future of Intelligent Search and Insights Systems,” Seuss predicts that business researchers will have an AI-enabled “smart agent” that knows the user and his or her work, and is constantly monitoring content and alerting the user about new material that is applicable to their areas of interest. In short, Seuss says the smart AI assistant of the future will make each professional better at their job, and will help increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

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