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A Black Millenial worker reads from a tablet in a bright office. Can your knowledge management system mitigate the great resignation?

Implementing a knowledge management system may help your company avoid the “Great Resignation” of 2021

If your company is like most, your younger employees are leaving (or thinking about leaving) in record numbers this year.  It’s being called the “Great Resignation”.  Contributing factors are many and varied, but one cited in a recent Adobe study, reported in TechRepublic, struck a chord with us here at Northern Light: “If [employees] had more time for work, more than half of enterprise workers would focus on the things they love about their job.”  And technology, such as knowledge management systems, that makes it possible for employees to spend more time productively working is critical to stemming the resignation tide.

In terms of helpful technologies, Adobe’s study specifically mentions solutions that enable workers to search, share and access information important to doing their jobs… which is exactly what Northern Light SinglePoint™ does for market research, competitive intelligence, and consumer insights content within an enterprise.

This is not to say that deploying a Northern Light knowledge management system will inoculate a company from suffering employee turnover, in 2021 or any other year.  But to the extent that streamlining information access helps create a more productive (and, significantly, a much less frustrating) work environment, what Northern Light offers is beneficial not only to the users of our systems, but to the organization overall.

The major macro-level benefit of SinglePoint to an organization is facilitating strategic insights.  We do this in several ways:

  • We make information-rich documents readily accessible. All market research and competitive intelligence information, from both internal and external sources, is aggregated and indexed so it is easily searchable and findable in one place. And SinglePoint is built on the world’s best search engine for strategic business research content.
  • We make the meaning of those documents readily apparent. SinglePoint incorporates artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine learning capabilities in several important ways, starting with auto-summarization of search results. The search engine reads all of the documents and summarizes the most significant ideas contained in the documents on the search result into an Insights Report. The user can express an interest in knowing more about a topic—what used to be called a “search query”—and then the system delivers a report rather than just a search result. The machine does the search and then tells the user what it finds that the user should know.
  • We make it convenient to share valuable information with those who can put it to best use. SinglePoint offers an insight distribution ecosystem – an infrastructure that directs relevant content to the individuals who need it, in a timely manner, via whatever medium or mechanism those individuals prefer, automatically – to maximize content consumption across the enterprise. Options include strategic dashboards, search results, newsletters, machine learning-driven recommendations and insights reports, email alerts, RSS, and more.

It is safe to assume that employees who feel empowered to contribute strategic insights to their organization are likely to feel more satisfied in their jobs, and therefore less likely to seek greener pastures elsewhere.  By helping knowledge workers realize insights, Northern Light is effectively contributing to the greater organizational good by fostering better decision-making and improving employee satisfaction.

As an Adobe executive noted in summarizing the findings of their research, “Employees are happier and feel more productive when they’re able to accomplish tasks seamlessly”… which is what we at Northern Light enable with our knowledge management systems in the competitive intelligence and consumer insights domain.

To discuss the benefits of an enterprise knowledge management system to employee productivity and morale, contact Northern Light.

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