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Pharma CI Conference • Pharma and Generative AI…What’s Next?

Pharma Consumer Intelligence Conference, Newark, NJ - Pharma and Generative AI...What's Next?Join us September 20 – 21

Pharma and Generative AI…What’s Next?
Presented by Northern Light CEO David Seuss

ChatGPT has captured the world’s imagination. But in a highly technical and regulated industry such as pharma, the single most important prerequisite for a generative AI application is that it is trained on and draws from only authoritative content. A ChatGPT-type application built on Wikipedia and the internet at large won’t cut it.

In this session, see how a generative AI application optimized for pharma CI answers direct questions about industry topics, company strategies, and cutting-edge research initiatives, deriving its answers from (and citing) credible research sources, ensuring that researchers can rely on and validate the AI work product.

Don’t miss this live event on September 20 – 21.

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