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Consumer Insights and Market Research

SinglePoint is a knowledge management platform optimized for market research.  Strategic research platforms seamlessly search and integrate internal, licensed external, social media, and government sources with single-sign-on ease. The result is a securely hosted, turnkey solution that is fully deployed in just 90 days. SinglePoint gives clients a market research-driven competitive advantage by making information easy to find and use.

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Unified Content Access: The Most Trusted Information Sources At Your Fingertips

Competitive intelligence applications require large collections of relevant market research. Pick from a variety of content options to populate market research.

Primary Internal Market Research

A typical SinglePoint market research platform includes primary internal market research produced by our clients. Our content automation system can extract and index text and metadata from any file format such as MS Office documents, PDFs, XML, HTML. We can even extract and index metadata for Even metadata for non-text based file formats used for graphics, logos and videos are extractable and indexable.

Licensed Secondary Marketing Research

Northern Light aggregates and indexes the entire collections of over 160 IT analyst, consumer insights and market research, corporate research, think tanks, and technology research firms. And based on client requests, Northern Light is adding new sources all the time

Content Collections

Successful competitive intelligence and consumer insights analysis starts with accurate, authoritative content.

Northern Light’s specialized competitive intelligence and market research content collections have always been available to enterprise users of its SinglePoint strategic research portals. Now selected Northern Light content collections are being offered to individuals and companies through Amazon’s AWS Marketplace and the Amazon Data Exchange.     Learn more…

“SharePoint is where research goes to die.”

-Northern Light customer

Hey, we didn’t say it, but we’re taking a look at what consumer insights and market researchers really need when it comes to their knowledge management platform.

We Want to Learn Your Use Case.


Research portal

Machine Learning:
Accelerate Time to Insight

Northern Light applies powerful AI-driven machine learning capabilities to automatically synthesize, refine, and present critical information distilled from large collections of consumer insights. This allows the system to more quickly surface relevant information to the user, in a format that is familiar with:

  •  “Automated document summaries”
  • “More like this”
  • “Recommended reading list”
  • “Automated summary search report”

Market Research Workflow:
Monitor Even the Most Complex Workflow Processes

SinglePoint includes a fully-integrated market research project management workflow system. By integrating the market research platform and workflow, secondary research can easily be searched by a project team for relevant reports as part of the workflow system for new projects. This can save millions on unnecessary primary research and accelerating time to market.

Why the General News Media Doesn’t Deliver on Market Intelligence

Licensed Secondary Research:
The Most Robust Library of Trusted Information Sources

Northern Light aggregates and indexes the entire collections of over 160 IT analysts, consumer insights, market research, corporate research, think tanks, and technology research firms resulting in privileged access to billions of dollars’ worth of market research analyst content from every industry.

In fact, we are the only content aggregator permitted by firms such as Corporate Executive Board, Forrester, IDC, Reed Elsevier and Thomson to index the full-text of their consumer insights. As a result, clients have the highest quality of market research search effectiveness— far superior to that produced by federated search or search of metadata only – and can access all source data with a single search query.

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