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Case Studies

Competitive Intelligence

The Problem

Client operates in many product markets around the world with a different competitive set in each market. The industry they are in generates a large amount of news coverage from questionable and commercially motivated sources making self-selection of high quality industry news content difficult and laborious for thousands of users around the world. Yet, industry announcements of new products can completely change the competitive environment overnight and threaten business positions worth billions of dollars per year putting a premium on curated, timely, well-distributed competitive intelligence.

Client Objectives:

  1. Provide a curated selection of daily industry competitor news that reflects the requirements of each of the product market segments the company competes in
  2. Easily and effortlessly distribute the industry competitor news to thousands around the world with each user only receiving the news they will care about
  3. Build confidence with the senior executive team that the CI department is producing valuable, actionable, and timely intelligence
  4. Accomplish all of the above with a very small staff of two people in the CI department that also has to have time to perform crucial CI functions such as analysis of competitors
  5. Executives require timely information about competitor moves in Europe that happen before the start of the business day in North America
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I couldn’t do my job without the Morning Brief powered by SinglePoint. I reach for the phone to read it before I pour my first cup of coffee in every morning.”

Senior Vice President of Marketing

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What Northern Light does:

  • Created and operate a SinglePoint competitive intelligence knowledge management platform using Northern Light Business News as a key resource along with licensed industry content from five subscription market intelligence sources
  • Included the SinglePoint newsletter and dashboard tools that make it easy and efficient for clients to create and distribute newsletters to user groups within the organization and to publish dashboards on the same topics; the newsletter tool and the dashboard tool can share the same content feeds and be curated by the same subject matter experts
  • Optimized newsletter templates for individual executive preferences and their mobile devices


  • Client publishes 150 newsletters and corresponding dashboards on product markets and competitor actions in each market, distributing over 30,000 views of competitive intelligence documents and dashboards a month to over 9,000 users around the world
  • Client recruited 20 content contributors that are subject matter experts from the brand teams who curate the 150 newsletters and dashboards for their audiences
  • Client designated an employee in Europe to publish the “Morning Brief” newsletter at noon Central European Time (6:00 a.m. ET) reporting to the executive staff on competitor announcement and developments that morning in Europe
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