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Success Stories

Northern Light applies machine learning, analytics, search, and purpose-focused content aggregation within a feature-rich knowledge management solution for market research, competitive intelligence, and customer insights.

Our knowledge management solutions leverage cognitive search capabilities to help users rapidly derive and share business insights from all primary and secondary market research sources aggregated for the organization’s market research and competitive intelligence functions.

Northern Light clients comprise the largest, most well recognized innovators from the ranks of the Fortune 100, including seven of Boston Consulting Group’s 50 “Most Innovative Companies” of 2018.

SinglePoint client worked with Forrester to measure the impact of the Northern Light SinglePoint portal on enterprise productivity, and identified $9 million in annual professional staff time savings.

SinglePoint client coordinates dashboards and newsletter strategies and distributes over 20,000 pieces of competitive intelligence a month to global marketing staff members.

SinglePoint client consolidated subscription market research and news sources based on usage, saving $1 million per year. SinglePoint client avoids $1 million per month in unnecessary duplication of primary market research.

Client asked the sales force to identify key account wins that were materially assisted by the SinglePoint portal in preparation of the sales presentations: $30 million in sales wins identified.

SinglePoint client tripled market research reports consumed when the portal was deployed.

Client senior vice president of marketing reported he reaches for his phone to read his SinglePoint CI newsletter before he pours his first cup of coffee when he wakes up and could not do his job without the intelligence in the morning industry brief.

SinglePoint client avoided a $100 million mistake on a single M&A decision – and gave the credit to the Northern Light SinglePoint portal!

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