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SinglePoint delivers on the promise of research-driven competitive advantage by making information easy to find and use. It is a custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform that seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of all your research resources to create an invaluable market research/competitive intelligence portal.

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A strategic research portal can help your company greatly speed up and enhance the processes of analyzing markets, tracking your competition, understanding customers, forecasting technologies, and developing new products. If that’s not enough, it can help you win sales and develop new business while providing invaluable support for guiding product plans and new product strategies across the organization.

Teams can mine market research, news, and specialized industry content for insights into the plans, strategies, and tactics of other players in the company’s target markets.

Organizations need an effective, efficient way to manage large volumes of content and get it to the people who need it when it matters most.

Seamlessly search and integrate internal, licensed external, social media, and government sources with single-sign-on ease.a

SinglePoint at a Glance

Customized Portal Branding

Your portal will fit right in with your organization’s visual look and feel.

Easiest Company to Work With

Friendly and helpful staff that cares passionately about your success.


Strategic dashboards curated by subject matter experts distribute information to users without them ever having to search.

Tell Your Story without IT

Create compelling and graphical Dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets and WYSIQYG editors.


Keep your users informed and share knowledge management ideas.

File Upload System

SinglePoint will accept and make searchable any file type – even video.

Portal Admin Community

Join the community, ask questions, and learn best practices with your annual portal admin Summit, webinars, regular meetings, with CRM, support site, and more.

Uptime and Security

The NSA is jealous of our uptime and security… but that’s all we can say about that.

Here’s What You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Generative AI and machine learning-based recommendations

SinglePoint’s generative AI can answer a user’s specific question, drawing on only authoritative content housed within the portal. And users automatically receive on-point content recommendations from SinglePoint based on AI that learns the interests of each individual user.

Personal Smart Search Assistant

Learns what your interests are and uses that knowledge to present new content as it becomes available.

45-day roll-out Yes, really!

From what we hear, that’s about 300 days faster than the competition.

Every portal comes standard with unlimited seats

Every portal comes standard with unlimited seats for enterprise-wide sharing so information is democratized across your organization.

100% secure – guaranteed

We’ve passed every security test thrown at us by clients’ IT departments.

Insights powered by machine learning

Let the machine read the documents on your search result and write a report on the results that it finds

Search engine technology designed for business

Unlike other document management systems, SinglePoint will NEVER say “No results are available”

Primary and secondary document sources

Whether a document was produced in-house, is accessible through a subscription, or is from a news source, you’ll get it all in one place with SinglePoint.

“No surprise” pricing

Upfront, completely transparent pricing.

Multiple clients for over 10 years

That’s longer than the other guys have even been around.

We Love Hard Problems.  What’s Your Use Case?

Resource Center

Enterprise Scale and Technical Capabilities

Enterprise Scale and Interoperability

We’ve taken care to ensure SinglePoint can operate on both sides of your firewall – seamlessly bringing research content from outside the organization to audiences inside the organization.

Network Authentication

Single-Sign-On (SSO) integrates with your network security systems such as SAML, network security appliances (e.g., Netegrity), or other user authentication systems (e.g., Siteminder).

Application Integration

Integrate with any published enterprise application API, such as SAP, SQL databases, and content management systems, as well as via our native SharePoint connector and the Northern Light API. Northern Light makes all the connections on your behalf so you don’t have to deploy IT resources.

Content Feeds

RSS and JSON topic-specific content feeds can be instantly created and saved.

Customized Metadata

Every client has unique terms of context that are familiar to their employees. We apply that metadata to every document in the primary research repository.

Ingestion of Legacy Repositories

We will work with you to load legacy repositories and to fill-in the missing metadata. No matter how disorganized you think your legacy data is, we have seen it all and can guide the process of making it work for your organization.

Document Upload System

Authorized users can upload primary market research, applying metadata and security requirements. It only takes about a minute of labor to upload a document.

Management of Access Rights

SinglePoint enforces access rights at the level of every document and every user.

SharePoint Interoperability

SinglePoint allows a client to add external market intelligence to a SharePoint installation.

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