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Shot of two businesspeople discussing something on a laptop while sitting together in an office. Digital transformation and the IT sector.

BCG: Digital transformation in IT services – Rates of success, goals, and future priorities

Information technology (IT) services companies are doing a lot of things right in terms of…

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A man and woman look at a tablet together in a modern office. What is the role of AI in knowledge management?

The role of AI in knowledge management

By the calendar, we are now two decades beyond the “future” depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s…

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Young man happily works at laptop. SinglePoint eliminates content silos.

SinglePoint solves the “content silo” problem in knowledge management

Silos are great for farmers, but not for knowledge workers.  Silos store grain effectively; data,…

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Eight tips for writing research reports that both humans and AI algorithms can understand

In 2022, machine learning has made significant inroads into enterprise applications, including knowledge management systems…

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Is an advanced knowledge management system the chicken or the egg for “transformers”?

Here’s a knowledge management “chicken and egg” question: Are organizations that deploy sophisticated knowledge management…

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competitive intelligence evaluate

How to Evaluate Market & Competitive Intelligence Portal Vendors

In market and competitive intelligence, the name of the game is discovering, sharing and applying insights…

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BCG: Five Rules for Fixing AI in Business

In business, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is sexy.  But is it practical?…

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SinglePoint makes content collections richer

Northern Light’s deep tagging and text analytics make every content collection more valuable to users…

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feel the love

Feeling the love through a portal pilot

Northern Light gives organizations a taste of SinglePoint – and what it’s like to work…

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