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competitive intelligence

Choosing the Right Competitive Intelligence Platform for Your Business

Competitive intelligence (CI) platforms play a vital role in helping businesses achieve a competitive edge…

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content aggregation and content curation in the business office

Effective Content Aggregation is the Foundation for Well-Informed Business Decisions

Effective content aggregation is the foundation for a business insights platform – critical infrastructure that…

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Mixed race woman with long hair sitting at desk in office. generative ai.

Calculating the ROI for generative AI applied to business research

Technology analysts often mention knowledge management (KM) as one of the most practical early applications…

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Portrait of a confident mature businesswoman working in a modern office. conversational ai and competitive intelligence

Navigating the Future with Competitive Intelligence Portals: An Overview

In the dynamic business landscape of the digital age, competitive intelligence (CI) has become an…

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The Case for Using Retrieval Augmented Generation in Generative AI Applications within the Enterprise

There is growing recognition across the business world that the technique known as “retrieval augmented…

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Successful businesswoman standing in creative office and looking at camera. Competitive intelligence research platform.

Why large enterprises choose Northern Light SinglePoint as their market and competitive intelligence research platform

There are many considerations that go into selecting a knowledge management (KM) platform for a…

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Portrait of a confident young businessman standing with his arms crossed in an office. Content curation.

Content curation is the foundation for effective competitive intelligence research and analysis

Competitive intelligence (CI) – the business discipline of gathering, analyzing, and using information collected on…

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Group of entrepreneurs are looking for a business solution during work process at sunny office.Young blonde woman using laptop.Blurred background.Horizontal.Cropped. Millenial buyers

Forrester’s guidance on how to successfully sell B2B products to Millennial buyers is already Northern Light’s standard practice

For nearly a decade, Northern Light has been talking about the importance of accommodating the…

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