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A group of office workers are seated at a round meeting table where they discuss their knowledge management.

A financial services powerhouse’s knowledge management platform pays dividends

Savvy enterprises understand the importance of building and deploying a knowledge management platform for market…

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Two people discuss knowledge management while seated at a desk and looking at computer

SinglePoint’s “Recommended Reading List” is a powerful way to alert users to relevant new content

Of the many ways for Northern Light SinglePoint™ users to become aware of relevant content…

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McKinsey: A brighter future for pharma technical development

A recent article by management consulting firm McKinsey* shines a spotlight on pharma technical development,…

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knowledge management and the nuclear power industry

The nuclear power industry prioritizes “knowledge management” – shouldn’t you?

If “knowledge is power,” as the adage says, then what is knowledge management (KM) to…

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primary research

Avoid the “laptop death trap” for primary research

We were demonstrating Northern Light SinglePoint™ to a prospective client the other day; she is…

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ai in drug discovery

BCG: Adopting AI in Drug Discovery

Boston Consulting Group* (BCG) advocates that pharmaceutical companies open their eyes to the full potential…

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things to know about knowledge management

The most important things to know about “knowledge management”

The concept of “knowledge management” (KM) has been around since the 1980s; it refers to…

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knowledge management novices

Here’s why so many Microsoft SharePoint users are knowledge management “novices”

There’s an old saying: To a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. A lot…

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The decline in search skills means knowledge management systems must operate differently. A young man with laptop and coffee working indoors, home office concept.

The decline in search skills means knowledge management systems must operate differently

Once upon a time, to use a search engine effectively, you had to know how…

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