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Businesswoman presenting to colleagues at a meeting. Generative AI and knowledge management

Generative AI and knowledge management: the perfect technology marriage

As the buzz around generative AI intensifies, executives and technologists in virtually every industry are…

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Woman working on laptop online, checking emails and planning on the internet while sitting in an office alone at work. Business woman, corporate professional or manager searching for competitive intelligence

Versatile “content ingestion” capabilities prevent indigestion for competitive intelligence portal users

The first thing you need to do effective competitive intelligence (CI) research is good content.…

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Mature 60 year old businesswoman with indian ethnic partner talking in boardroom at meeting. Confidence woman training diverse corporate team at briefing. Young employee share thoughts sitting. Knowledge management systems

Market and competitive intelligence portals deliver the #1 business benefit IDC research identifies with knowledge management systems

Information industry research firm IDC recently blogged about a survey they conducted to assess the…

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In conversational AI, last month seems like a decade ago, given how quickly the market and technology is evolving. Business professionals standing in an office and using a laptop.

Don’t blink: Generative AI for Market and Competitive Intelligence is Advancing Rapidly

In generative AI, last month seems like a decade ago, given how quickly the market…

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Smart businessman. Portrait of serious young elegant Black man in a suit is sitting at table in modern office and working on laptop. He is looking at the screen with concentration. Strategic research portal.

What’s the return on investment for a strategic research portal?

Return on investment (ROI) is a critical metric for any enterprise technology purchase. Strategic research…

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Concentrated young businesswoman explaining market research results in graphs to mixed race colleagues. Focused group of diverse employees holding brainstorming meeting, discussing project ideas. Competitive intelligence.

This is the year to leverage technology to solidify your company’s market and competitive intelligence delivery

Forrester Research predicts 80% of companies will pivot their innovation initiatives from creativity to resilience…

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Programmers working cooperating at IT company developing apps. Competitive intelligence and ChatGPT

Coming to SinglePoint: AI-Driven Answers to Market and Competitive Intelligence Questions

Note from March 27, 2023: In generative AI, last month seems like a decade ago,…

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Senior Asian business man working on laptop online, smiling and rejoicing, happy boss business owner working in office. Competitive Intelligence portal

Making “work intelligence systems” work for competitive intelligence

Knowledge management consultant Alan Pelz-Sharpe has come up with a new phrase – “work intelligence…

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