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A focused professional is explaining a project to a team at the boardroom at enterprise. GenAI for pharmaceuticals

Pharma companies are jumping on the GenAI train

The pharmaceutical industry has a history of aggressive adoption of new technology.  Generative AI (GenAI)…

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Candid picture of a female boss and business team collaborating. Filtered serie with light flares, bokeh, warm sunny tones. Generative AI.

Generative AI is “reshaping our relationship with knowledge”

Consulting firm Accenture talks about technology “reshaping our relationship with knowledge.”  In a paper entitled…

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Two mixed race businesspeople working on a digital tablet in a meeting together at work. Business professionals using technology in an office. Businessman pointing to a digital tablet screen while sitting with his female colleague. Data security.

In SinglePoint knowledge management systems, network and data security is paramount

When Northern Light recently announced its EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework certification, it was just the…

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three professionals with serious expressions collaborate. generative AI.

After 30 years, users finally have a new and better way to interact with search applications: Generative AI

Internet search engines have been around since the early 1990s, and over those 30 years…

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Caucasian brunette woman with glasses, in a formal suit, top manager, real estate agent, broker, sits at a desk in modern office, works in a laptop, chatting online with clients. Generative AI

What will 2024 hold for generative AI in knowledge management?

You’ve no doubt heard many theories about what artificial intelligence (AI) may mean for the…

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Colleagues listening to businessman in meeting. generative AI

2023 was the “year of generative AI” in knowledge management and other business applications

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s hard to believe that generative AI has been…

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