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knowledge management cx

Cognizant: Streamlined employee experiences result in organizations better equipped to compete and thrive

Knowledge management systems can be a valuable technology enabler The lessons B2C companies have learned…

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knowledge management transformers

Knowledge management “transformers” enjoy (and acknowledge) their success

It’s not necessarily boasting to acknowledge one’s accomplishments. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and…

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Two women colleagues look at a laptop screen. Two men work in the background.

“Search” is no longer king at the world’s savviest knowledge management users. What has replaced it?

In 2022, we live in a browse-to-content world; that’s all Millennials, who now make up…

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Young man in glasses happily works at his computer in a warmly daylit room.

Using the right tool for the job, the right way

Here are some best practices for implementing a market and competitive intelligence portal within your…

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A young woman with brown hair and glasses works on her laptop.

Cognizant: Making AI Responsible – And Effective

“Take a human-centric view of AI, so that machines can work successfully alongside and for…

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How to drive more actions and value from market & competitive intelligence

At a recent Northern Light customer forum, Forrester senior analyst and featured guest speaker Cinny…

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A man works intently at a laptop. Knowledge management systems help you know what you don't know.

Can a good knowledge management system help us know what we don’t know?

Recently, a prospective Northern Light client explained what she hoped to achieve by deploying a…

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Woman with a bob haircut and galsses works at a laptop. IBM on being strategic with AI.

IBM Institute for Business Value: Rethinking your approach to AI

“Organizations need to stay grounded in what practical things AI can help them achieve”  …

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A programmer sits at his desk working on a knowledge management system

Five “content keys” to knowledge management system design

Creating a knowledge management system for market and competitive intelligence across a large enterprise can…

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