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Man working on his computer reads content collections

Throw open the gates to the kingdom of content

Don't have formal competitive intelligence and market research functions? Consider Content Collections. Since Bill Gates…

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Woman at desk in office doing market research

The Evolution of Market Research: What’s New in 2021?

Market research has been a vital business function for decades, and the ability of business…

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holiday hashtag analytics

Holiday Hashtag Analytics: Pop Quiz for Retail Marketers

With Thanksgiving barely in the rear view mirror, and Christmas swiftly approaching, it’s primetime for…

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One executive’s competitive intelligence portal “wish list”

Since it’s the holiday season, we are focusing this month’s blog post on a topic…

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competitive intelligence

Unpopular Opinions: What Twitter Trends Reveal That Online Reviews Can’t

Unpopular opinions go against the grain. They contradict what’s customary or widely accepted, and they…

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