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One executive’s competitive intelligence portal “wish list”

Since it’s the holiday season, we are focusing this month’s blog post on a topic…

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competitive intelligence

Unpopular Opinions: What Twitter Trends Reveal That Online Reviews Can’t

Unpopular opinions go against the grain. They contradict what’s customary or widely accepted, and they…

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SinglePoint wins 2020 KMWorld Readers Choice Award

SinglePoint Wins 2020 KMWorld Readers Choice Award

Northern Light SinglePoint has been honored with the 2020 KMWorld Readers Choice Award for Best…

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Small but mighty: How lean CI teams support large enterprises

In many organizations, even large global enterprises, the competitive intelligence (CI) function is staffed “lean”;…

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social media analytics

Using Social Media Analytics to Navigate the Global Conversation on Vaccines

Staying on the leading edge of social media marketing in the pharmaceutical industry requires a…

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knowledge management systems

Versatile knowledge management systems are more vital than ever in the work-at-home era

The COVID-19 era has changed much about what we think of as “office” work –…

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